We found 10 results for "Comments And Notes"

  • Delete comments or notes

    How to delete comments or notes: - On Android, swipe left to right on a comment or note and a r...

  • Use emoji and emoticons

    The iovox service supports the use of emojis and emoticons, just add them as normal....

  • How to add notes to a call


  • Comment threads

    The all comments view displays a thread of all comments between you, the caller and the parties its ...

  • Audio notes

    This feature is only supported on mobile. By clicking and holding the microphone icon on the keybo...

  • Send comments

    To send comments, first you need to share a call with an indivual or group. See call sharing. ...

  • Find flagged calls

    To view a list of all your flagged calls, click on the flagged section from the left-hand menu....

  • Unflag a call

    To unflag a call, click on a flagged call and it should turn from red to white. To flag it again, ju...

  • How to flag a call


  • Flag a call for follow up

    To flag a call, click on the flag icon to the right of the call on the call list or call details. Th...

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