Connect to ZohoCRM on Web

How to connect iovox with ZohoCRM on desktop:

Here's how:

  1. If you do not yet have an iovox account, Create your iovox account on web by visiting, tap ‘Login’ and then tap ‘No account? Sign up’

  2. Already have an account? Login to your iovox account on web by clicking “Login’ and enter your login details.

  3. Move your cursor to the side menu of the page until the details expand.

  4. In the Account section Tap ‘Integrations'

  5. Next to the Zoho CRM integration tap ‘Free Trial’

  6. On the next screen, Sign in to Zoho CRM using your Zoho CRM Login details.

  7. On the next screen, tap ‘Accept’ to allow iovox to access your Zoho account.

  8. In your iovox account, your Zoho Integration will now say ‘Trial’

If you have any issues, please contact You can now start sharing calls with ZohoCRM.

To connect via mobile, see connect to ZohoCRM on mobile.

To learn more about leads, contacts, and calls in Zoho, <a href=/help/how-are-leads%2C-contacts-and-calls-created-in-zoho%3F">click here.

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