How to add contact details on iOS

Adding contact details to your calls in iOS is easy. In just two-clicks, you can update your call events with relevant contact details.



  1. Make sure you have allowed contact permissions, if not, we won't be able to access your contacts.
  2. Click 'Tap to add details' on the call you wish to edit![call details](/help/attachmentDownloadByName?object= call details.png "call details")

  1. Click the '+ Contact' visible on the call details view![/help/attachmentDownloadByName?object= list ios](/help/attachmentDownloadByName?object= details.jpg "call list ios")

  1. Search the contact name you wish to add and click it ![Search contacts](/help/attachmentDownloadByName?object= contacts.png "Contact Search")

That's it, you're all done. The select contact details have been added to the call and will be available for you to share with others or view on our desktop at

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