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Lead Generation. Simplified.

Real estate lead generation has never been easier:

  • Assign unique phone numbers to each real estate listing for easier call attribution
  • Utilize dynamic numbers for separate prospects, listing groups, or keywords
  • Leads can use iovox WebCallBack to easily request a callback on a listing

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Handle Each Lead Efficiently

Make every lead count:

  • Get granular insights into each lead’s requirements
  • Score leads effectively based on custom criteria
  • Automatic triggers place missed opportunities into existing workflows so you can follow up later

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Increased Transparency

All the data you need, at your fingertips:

  • Utilize call whispers for better call attribution to help agents recognize your real estate platform’s value
  • Instantly transcribe calls to make conversations searchable like emails
  • Call analytics and AI to assess the number of leads generated and their quality

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Let iovox supercharge your conversions

When it comes to getting the most out of real estate leads, iovox is the name to trust. Used by leading real estate marketplaces, iovox can help you take your real estate platform to the next level.

What can iovox do for your real estate business?

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Unlock a Wealth of Insights with AI

iovox Insights can help you uncover valuable data:

  • Use speech analytics and AI to detect keywords that lead to a sale
  • Leverage machine learning to predict call outcomes
  • Utilize AI to spot broad-scale real estate market trends based on call logs

Leverage iovox to Answer Questions Like:

  • What percentage of people who view a listing end up calling?
  • What are the most popular listings on your portal?
  • Are they financially prepared to buy or rent a property?
  • What additional details does the caller need before moving forward?
  • Did the agent respond to the caller’s queries?
  • How can real estate agents do a better job at serving the caller’s needs?

Ready to leave your real estate competitors behind?

Harness the power of iovox’s call analytics and conversational AI

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Key Features

Automated Call Recordings
Automated Call Recordings

Avoid human error and let iovox automatically record all your calls.

Automated Call Transcription
Automated Call Transcription

Don’t miss a word. Get a transcript of every call.

Define Keywords and Phrases to Identify
Define Keywords and Phrases to Identify

Combine speech-recognition and keyword-spotting technology to identify key phrases.

Search Call History
Search Call History

Search for keywords in new and old call transcripts.

Trigger Alerts
Trigger Alerts

Get notifications when a keyword match is found.

Integrations with CRM & iovox Numbers
Integrations with CRM & iovox Numbers

Capture relevant conversion data for your CRM and manage your virtual phone numbers.