How to Use Call Intelligence to Optimize Sales Calls

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Call intelligence is the process of recording, transcribing, and analyzing sales calls to generate valuable insight from customer interactions.

Curious to learn about call intelligence and its benefits?

To get you started on the right track with call intelligence, we’ll discuss what it is, its key benefits, common features, use cases, and best implementation practices.

We’ll also introduce you to a path-breaking call intelligence tool and demonstrate its applications in sales, marketing, and more.

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Let’s begin.

What Is Call Intelligence?

Call intelligence involves analyzing, tracking, recording, and reporting data related to customer calls.

Currently, the most common practice for implementing the call intelligence process is through software solutions. These conversation intelligence SaaS products typically use AI-based features to analyze conversations and discover patterns and trends.

What type of insights does call intelligence provide?

Everything from customer behavior to agent performance and beyond!

You can leverage Call Transcription and other intelligence tools to uncover patterns most relevant to your use case.

To demonstrate, we’ll discuss their relevance throughout this article – giving you a clear picture of their advantages.

Let’s take a look.

6 Empowering Benefits of Using Call Intelligence

Here are the key benefits of integrating call intelligence into each sales conversation:

  1. Effective Call Insights

    Call intelligence can assist your data-gathering process to uncover customer needs, pain points, preferences, and behavior.

    You then use this data to tailor your product and customer service.

    For example, if your SaaS solution’s user interface isn’t intuitive, you may get a lot of calls requesting help to find certain features.

    iovox Insights features like keyword tracking combined with conversational intelligence can uncover and alert you to these trends – where you can then quickly update your solution accordingly.

  2. Real-World Sales Training

    Sales call recordings are useful demonstrations of what works during a customer call and what doesn’t – an essential part of sales training.

    Firstly, integrating customer call recordings into your sales coaching programs gives your agents a clear idea of your expectations during customer interaction.

    Furthermore, you can use conversation intelligence software like iovox’ Conversational AI to identify patterns in unsuccessful calls and inform your ongoing sales coaching.

    Perhaps your agents attempt to upsell a product before they’ve secured adequate interest in your standard package. You can use your call intelligence solution to track when upselling is most successful and train your team to accurately identify these moments in the customer conversation.

  3. Higher Conversion Rates

    Understanding customer sentiment and behavior allows you to tailor your sales calls for better engagement.

    How does this help you develop your sales approach?

    By correlating specific sales strategies with successful sales performance, you can create scripts based on what approach is most likely to work.

    Additionally, you can A/B test your scripts to discover the best options to apply across your channels.

  4. Improved Marketing Strategies

    Effective marketing relies on understanding your target market, and call intelligence can double up as an instrumental market research tool.

    It helps you uncover data about a specific portion of your target market – chiefly, the leads engaging with your company.

    You can also use call intelligence tools to analyze each customer conversation for actionable insights on exploitable market gaps.

    Suppose you provide a project management solution, and your call intelligence tool indicates many inquiries about video conferencing features.

    You realize that while most products offer collaboration functions through text, they don’t provide easily accessible video calling within the platform. Once you update your product to include this add-on, you can use it to drive your marketing campaigns as a unique value proposition.

  5. Increased Productivity and Efficiency

    Your agents need to know which sales techniques work and where they can improve. In this, their approach should be data-driven.

    However, there’s more to call intelligence than just providing data on which approach works best. iovox’ Conversational AI helps qualify leads using keyword data to ensure your agents focus on the best prospects first.

    For example, keywords like “payment options” or “subscription period” indicate a customer with a high purchase interest. Keywords related to your competitors imply that a lead is still weighing their options.

  6. Enhanced Market Adaptability

    Understanding customers’ expectations is one component of adapting your product to meet them.

    But why rely on current customer trends alone?

    A call intelligence solution uses historical and present data with artificial intelligence to predict future behavior. This conversational intelligence feature allows you to preemptively adapt your product and services to stay ahead of the competition.

    For example, you can use call intelligence to make seasonal predictions regarding your sales.

    You may detect an increase related to the accounting add-on feature of your HR SaaS product around tax season. You can capitalize on this by offering the feature at a discounted rate to further drive revenue.

Now that you know the benefits of call intelligence, let’s analyze some specific success stories.

3 Practical Call Intelligence Software Use Cases

Several industries leverage call intelligence for increased success. Here are some examples:

  1. Sales: Reduce Lead Response Time to Maximize Conversions

    Lead response time is a key metric for assessing sales team performance. Responses within five minutes of customer contact are eight times as likely to secure a sale.

    How does call intelligence help?

    Call intelligence features like analytics, call tracking, and real-time assistance increase your sales call efficiency, helping you attend to customers faster.

    For example:

    With the growing digitalization of their customer journey, Honda needed to optimize their lead-tracking methods and create a stronger link between online and in-person customer support.

    Essentially, they needed to decrease customer follow-up time and increase data processing efficiency to share reports with their field teams.

    How did they do this?

    By using iovox’ calling tracking and API solutions, they reduced their lead response time by more than 40% and increased sales performance rates by 60%.

  2. Marketing: Get Accurate Lead Attribution Data

    Collecting data on which marketing campaigns provide the most leads is crucial for determining their effectiveness.

    And that’s exactly where iovox’ conversation intelligence can help:

    A client hired Epicosity to build a supplemental digital campaign to accompany their TV infomercials. While they could track statistics for the client’s landing page via Adobe Analytics, they couldn’t track phone call data and insights.

    Through iovox’ call tracking and analytics features, they added crucial call data regarding the effectiveness of their campaign.

  3. Real Estate: Avoid Missing Leads

    Real estate agencies commonly market their listings through online property portals. However, it’s often difficult for these portals to prove their value.

    For example, Zoopla needed to build trust with real estate agencies by providing granular data demonstrating just how effective their portal is at producing leads.

    The solution?

    iovox’ Call Whispers gave their customers a brief message when a lead call originated from the Zoopla website.

    Now, Zoopla can provide their customers with proof of their lead-generating ability. They also used Missed Call Alerts to help their agencies follow up with customers quicker, increasing customer satisfaction and ensuring they didn’t miss any leads.

As you can see, several industries benefit from integrating call intelligence. If you plan to invest in the technology, start by learning what features you need to look for in call intelligence software.

5 Essential Call Intelligence Software Features

These are the essential call intelligence software features you need to look for:

  1. Call Recording and Real-Time Transcription

    Recording and transcription are the central components of call intelligence software. These features provide the raw customer interaction data necessary for valuable insight generation.

    Often, these features use conversation AI to summarize the sales data, providing a better understanding of what the phone call covered and its key moments.

    For example, iovox’ Automated Transcripts and Conversational AI automatically identify keywords, providing vital information on key trends.

  2. Built-in Analytics

    Call intelligence software integrates conversation AI with machine learning and statistical models to help you uncover trends regarding customer interactions, agent performance, and sales funnel effectiveness.

    A conversation analytics feature like iovox Insights tells you more than just what your customer support calls are about. You’ll discover:

    • Which products callers are interested in.
    • The key challenges customers face.
    • Additional products customers need.
    • The factors driving purchase decisions.
    • What competing products your customers consider.
  3. Keyword Tracking

    Keyword tracking helps you uncover important words and phrases that shape your calls and link them with success or failure.

    For example, you can use iovox Insights to identify crucial keywords and correlate them with conversions – enabling you to adapt your scripts accordingly.

    Perhaps the keyword tracking tool indicates reps who provide statistics to leads tend to secure more sales. You can then standardize scripts that incorporate this method across your contact center.

    Essentially, they’re a way to tailor your sales approach to your customers’ needs.

  4. Sentiment Analysis

    Call intelligence software helps you gauge the emotional aspects of your calls, giving you actionable insight into how your customer feels.

    This conversation analytics feature helps you qualify leads more effectively and informs the appropriate response your sales team should take.

    For example, if the customer sentiment toward your product is neutral or negative, you don’t want your agent to focus on upselling – they need to establish rapport before trying to make the sale.

    Not only can you analyze individual calls, but you can also roughly understand broad sentiment at scale through keyword mentions via Conversational AI. For example, excessive use of negative phrases like “no,” “poor,” “unsatisfactory,” etc, give you an idea of your overall low customer satisfaction levels.

  5. Integrations

    Integrations help you link phone call intelligence data with your systems for a seamless workflow. You don’t want your team’s bandwidth consumed by manual processing tasks.

    That’s why iovox API lets you link your CRM systems with calls from the conversation intelligence platform – giving you valuable insights for immediate action.

With all the features a call intelligence platform offers, you can avoid overcomplicating the implementation process. Here’s how:

4 Best Practices for Call Intelligence Software Implementation

To save you time, we’ve prepared a guide on the crucial aspects of adopting a call intelligence platform.

  1. Define Your Goals

    You need a clear understanding of why you’re using a call intelligence platform, as this informs which features you should focus on.

    If you want to increase customer satisfaction, sentiment analysis features are a good starting point. Similarly, transcription and keyword identification features are great for developing your contact center training programs.

  2. Prioritize Coaching

    Achieving your objectives with call and conversation intelligence software relies on quality coaching.

    Firstly, you need to ensure your training aligns with your goals so you know which features are essential for your team to adopt.

    Secondly, your reps and sales managers must feel competent using the new conversation intelligence platform and realize its benefits.

    Demonstrate its sales enablement applications and give them time to practice using them. If they’re overwhelmed by the new tools, they’ll be less likely to adopt them and fall back on their tried-and-tested processes.

  3. Create a Testing Environment

    You need time to determine the optimal configuration options for your specific use case.

    Similarly, you must give your sales team time to familiarize themselves with your call intelligence technology without affecting live data.

    Allow for a testing period before going live. This will take the pressure off your teams and give them time to develop optimal strategies for using the new features.

  4. Collect and Implement Feedback

    Continual improvement is key for software integration. So, collect feedback during and after your testing phase.

    While you need to preempt challenges, issues will always crop up along the way.

    Start by creating a feedback system for your customer service reps and sales managers to report their experiences, detailing what works and what doesn’t.

Looking for a state-of-the-art conversation intelligence system for your business? Here’s a look at an industry-leading solution.

iovox: State-of-the-art Call Intelligence Technology

iovox is an advanced conversation intelligence tool that converts phone calls into valuable sales data for actionable insight.

Whether you aim to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, boost lead generation, or increase conversions, iovox’ conversation intelligence software offers a range of features to help.

Here’s an overview of iovox’ key conversation intelligence functionalities:

  1. Spot Trends with Keyword Tracking

    Regardless of your objectives, pattern recognition is essential for generating valuable insights.

    With iovox’ transcription and keyword tracking capabilities, you can automatically uncover the key phrases that characterize your successful calls.

    Wondering why specific calls lead to conversions?

    With Conversational AI, you can track and correlate keywords with sales. Once you know which tactics produce success, you can implement them across the board.

  2. Improve Customers’ Access to Information

    Looking to provide a better customer experience?

    iovox allows customers to initiate phone calls from your website with WebConnect.

    Not only is it easy for customers to contact you, but you’ll also get precise call attribution – your sales rep knows which page they’re calling from.

    This enables your team to tailor their sales approach accordingly.

    If customers call from a pricing page, it’s time to close the deal. If they call from an informational page, your sales rep can focus on providing a comprehensive product walkthrough.

  3. Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    To market your product effectively, you need to know what your customers want. That’s why conversation intelligence software is such an important marketing tool.

    Using Conversational AI, iovox Insights highlights essential phrases in call transcripts to uncover patterns, spot opportunities, and predict outcomes.

    It gives you qualitative and quantitative data on customer decisions, pain points, competing products, and much more.

Now, all that’s left to do is apply these conversation intelligence insights to your marketing strategy.

Wrapping Up

Call intelligence is an essential process for optimizing each sales conversation to improve conversion rates.

Regardless of your industry, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to leverage key functions like keyword tracking and real-time assistance.

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