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Other call tracking solutions tell half the story because they only focus on inbound calls. With iovox’s mobile and web app you get the complete picture with inbound and outbound calls. Add a second line, track, record, transcribe and more.

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Use discount code WELCOME620 at checkout when purchasing your iovox Number and you’ll get 1 local iovox Number 100% free for 6 months AND $20.00 in service credit!

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Maximize privacy

Easily separate work and personal calls and change your outbound caller ID to match your new iovox Number.

Get immediate insights

With call recording and transcription options, you’ll have the details of every call and be able to spot trends.

Turbocharge productivity

With simple features like Tags, Flags, and Call Notes, you’ll never forget a follow up task again.

Your personal CRM

Keeping track of sales calls and on top of the details is a key to success. Get the benefits of CRM without the cost.

Sharing is caring

In business, collaboration is the name of the game. Share Call Notes real time across geographies and teams or funnel your Call Notes directly into CRM systems without retyping.

Look local or global

Choose local phone numbers from almost any city in the world, such as; London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Sydney, Toronto and more.

Separate your business and personal phone numbers

Know who’s calling

Personalize a short recording with Call Whispers, so you’ll know if it’s a personal or business call before you say “hello”. This way, you always know when a call is business related, and can answer your personal mobile professionally every time.

Show your business number

When you make an outgoing call using the iovox mobile or web app, the iovox Number you choose shows as your caller ID, so your personal number stays private.

Track your call conversations

Add Notes and Tags to keep track of your conversations. Replay your conversations with Call Recordings and transcribe your calls in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our Android and iOS apps are available for download. Please note that the iOS version has limited features due to the operating system (iovox Dialer coming soon and caller ID information displays only when used with iovox Numbers).

No, the iovox mobile app is free to use and works without buying an iovox Number. On Android, your call history syncs automatically from your handset to the app. With call history synced, you can use the productivity features such as Tags, Flags, etc. In the app, inbound and outbound calls can be viewed on both the mobile and web apps.

Using the iovox Dialer, select the iovox Number you’d like to display and place your call. See this blog for more information.

Yes, we charge per minute depending on where you are calling. Talk time minutes can be purchased as credit. Credit can also be used to transcribe call recordings. Please check the talk rates table.

Yes, we charge per minute. Talk time minutes can be purchased as credit. Please check the talk rates table.

No, you cannot send SMS messages from the iovox app.

After purchasing an iovox Number, you can set Call Rules to define where you’d like your new number to ring. The destination number can be a mobile or landline. Please see countries you can forward to. You do not need to have your iovox mobile app open to receive calls.

Yes. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. When cancelling an iovox Number, it is automatically removed from your account and the subscription stops.

Get the complete picture with iovox’s Mobile and Web solutions

When it comes to turning an ordinary business phone call into a valuable piece of data, iovox is the name to trust. Used by leading brands in 100+ countries, iovox expertly shows customers how to make the most of their phone data.

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