5 Call Tracking Tips to Help You Make Better Business Decisions in 2020

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Call tracking. Two simple words that have come to mean different things to different audiences. For big companies, this may be something “the marketing department” handles when evaluating campaign ROI. But what about smaller businesses? ‘Call tracking’ may feel like something out of reach due to cost or complexity. While that may have been true before, it’s not now. This article will help you understand some of the common problems faced by busy people running companies of all sizes, and how an affordable, easy to use, call tracking solution from iovox can help.

Problem #1: It’s Easy To Lose Track Of All The Calls and Customers You Handle

Mobile phones typically have a call history of 100-500 call logs, and when you look at your call history to try and extract any useful business data from it, it’s basically useless.

iovox call tracking

Many individuals and SMBs rely heavily on their mobiles to keep their businesses running, but with a limited call history on all mobiles, it’s easy to lose track of both calls and customers. Some even resort to keeping track of their calls in a spreadsheet and then summarizing that at the end of the week for their boss.


Sound familiar? No context for any call. Who are you supposed to call back about that new house on Baker Street?

Having context around calls helps businesses boom regardless of their size.

But up until now, the mobile phone has basically been a black hole where useful business call data disappears.

Solution: iovox mobile app with call organization features

For people like busy real estate agents who could be making upwards of 30+ calls a day, iovox makes your mobile look and act more like email.

When you use iovox for business calls on your mobile, you can:

  • take notes that affix to the contact or the call
  • tag calls like #pool or #3bdrm for reference the next time that person calls or for search
  • flag calls for follow-up and set push notification reminders that pop up on your home screen

And then all of that information is searchable.

Also, for the boss that wants the monthly report on how many calls have been made, the iovox web app will include the ability to export call types into a spreadsheet format along with providing enhanced analytics options.

iovox mobile app

If you type the word ‘Vegas’ into the search field of the iovox app on your mobile, you will see:

  • when you made a call when you were in Vegas
  • where you said the word ‘Vegas’ because you recorded and transcribed a call
  • Any contact or call where you had written the word ‘Vegas’ in either notes or tags.

Once you’ve located what you are searching for, you can tap to share call details, including call duration, location, call notes, any tags that were affixed to the call, tasks, call recordings, and for Android users, even a searchable transcription of your side of a voice call. Call details can be shared with other iovox users straight to their app or non-iovox users to their email.

All of these features are available without a Voip dialer. Iovox uses the inherent dialing capabilities of your phone, so you don’t have to change your calling behavior at all, simply use your phone as you always do and then all of that useful, helpful data is available on the web app and on your mobile.

Problem #2: You spend money on lead generation, but you have no idea which channel is working best.

Many business owners run promotions and advertisements across several marketing channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google Adwords and online marketplaces.

understand marketing channels

The issue that many businesses face is that the return on investment they get from different advertising platforms isn’t uniform; some will perform better than others. However, most businesses don’t have an easy way to determine their ROI and end up spending too much money on underperforming marketing strategies.

Solution: Unique iovox Virtual Numbers with Tags to track marketing channels

With iovox, for less than the price of a few lattes, you can set up unique virtual numbers for each of your marketing platforms.

As each platform has a separate virtual number for people to call, you can track the number of calls coming from each platform to identify which one is bringing in more volume.

iovox virtual numbers and tags

By attaching a tag like ‘Facebook Ad’ onto a virtual number in the iovox dashboard, when someone calls that number, your ‘Facebook Ad’ tag will show up in both your call history and your analytics view, making it easy to determine top-performing platforms and allow you to cut your spend on underperforming marketing strategies.

iovox app dashboard

Problem #3: Using your mobile for business and personal calls can get complicated

Most people these days use their mobiles for both business and personal calls.

When calls are unknown, it’s difficult to gauge who is calling before answering. And sometimes if you are unable to answer the phone due to vacation, illness, or just simply being too busy, calls can go unanswered.

Solution: Unique iovox Virtual Numbers with Call Whispers and Call Forwarding

Call Whispers: With iovox, you can set up Call Whispers that play right before you answer a call that inform you that it is a business call and also what the call is about.
Whispers are short recordings that play right before you hear the other person that allow you to answer the phone more professionally every time.

To use Call Whispers,

  1. Create an iovox account and login on web
  2. Purchase 1 iovox virtual number and assign it to your advertisement for example, a Facebook ad.
  3. Attach a whisper to your iovox virtual number to play a recording that says for example “this call is brought to you by Facebook”

Use the iovox Dashboard to monitor and manage calls and edit/change whispers as needed.

iovox call whispers

Call Forwarding: Perhaps you are taking your first vacation in a long time, or you notice that you are getting a number of missed calls throughout the day. Simply log in and set up the Call Forwarding feature inside the Call Rules section. Call Forwarding allows callers to be redirected to any phone number you choose (your business partner, assistant, team members) so that if you do not answer after a few rings the call will forward to them.

iovox call forwarding

Iovox specializes in providing Whisper messaging and Call Forwarding to companies worldwide, and with the launch of the new SMB service anyone can set it up and start using these features today.

These features can help you and your team members:

  • answer the phone more professionally every time with Call Whispers
  • stop missing calls with Call Forwarding
  • help you identify your top-performing platforms in your iovox dashboard.

iovox call wizard

Problem #4: Difficult to Create A Local Presence When Expanding Your Business

If you’re looking to expand your business to new locations, creating a local presence makes it easier to engage and connect with customers.

Without a local number for customers to call, paying additional fees can reduce the likelihood of potential customers engaging with you.

Solution: Virtual iovox Numbers in Local Area Codes

Iovox has Virtual Numbers in 21 countries around the world. Anyone can start to create a local presence today by logging in and setting up iovox’s Local Virtual Numbers. As these are Virtual Numbers based at local area codes, customers don’t have to pay any additional fees to engage with your business even if you are on the other side of the country or even in a different one!

This makes it much easier for you to interact with customers in other areas and for them to interact with you.

Incredibly easy to purchase, for less than a price of a latte you can be up and running with a local number in Madison, Wisconsin or Paris, France. The world is now open for business with iovox.

buy local numbers with iovox

Local Virtual Numbers can not only help you expand into new territory, but they can also help you make smarter business decisions when you monitor the analytics on the iovox dashboard. Monitoring your analytics can help with sales because you will be able to view and redirect your marketing budget to the cities that are performing the best.

Problem #5 – Finding a powerful service at an affordable price

Most businesses face a common problem when they are starting to grow. The staff gets bigger, there are more phone calls happening between team members and with customers and prospects, all of which are very important to the growth of the business. The challenge is finding a solution that has the functionality you need but is also reasonably priced.

Bigger companies traditionally have dedicated people to manage their call tracking solutions.

However, this isn’t something that most SMBs can afford.

Solution: iovox offers a user-friendly platform with free and paid options that give you all the functionality you need with no contracts.

Did we mention, no contracts?!

If all you’d like to do is become more organized and give your mobile calls context by adding notes and tags, that’s a free service that preserves the last 30-days of your call history with unlimited history options available for upgrade.

For those interested in adding a second line to your mobile phone or maybe a few new local numbers for your marketing campaigns or direct mail activities, you can easily implement that yourself at very affordable prices.

Unlike most other virtual number and tracking solutions on the market, iovox offers a subscription-based pricing model with no contracts that you can cancel anytime.

Iovox’s Virtual Numbers operate on a pay-as-you-go model. Number prices differ by country, but for example: One Las Vegas local number per month is a subscription of $2.50 per month for the number, and for talk time, you buy credits. Sample talk rates are below.

iovox call forwarding

Since you only spend on minutes you actually use, depending on your talk time you could end up spending much less per month in comparison to other solutions on the market, not to mention iovox can track your business calls on your mobile phone for free and those will also show up in your web account.

Call tracking is no longer just for the big guys. You can start using it today to help you make better business decisions and grow your business whether in your city or in another part of the world.


The new service from iovox has everything you need to help you make better business decisions today! Give it a try and sign up here.


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