Stay On Top of Conversations with Notes

No more forgetting important details of a call. With call notes for iovox, you've got an instantly searchable archive of what matters. Try that with a sticky note.

Details at your fingertips

Save time and increase productivity when you have all your notes in one place.

Be prepared for every call

When you take notes on a call, next time that person calls, you have all the information you discussed last time.

Search a complete archive

With iovox you have an endless supply of secure storage to keep all your notes safe and sound for future reference.

How do I take notes?

Either during a call or after, press the notes button and jot down as many thoughts as you need for that call. No more searching for a piece of paper to capture what was discussed.

What's the benefit in taking notes?

When you take notes on a call, the next time that person calls you, before you even answer the call, you’ll see the notes of your last conversation as a handy reminder of what you talked about. Notes help you stay organized and unlike those loose pieces of paper floating around, notes from iovox are instantly searchable and easily retrieved.

In the Real World... "Remember when you told me...?"

Ever have an insurance claim or a vendor that is performing work for you? If so, you know that this can be a never ending stream of phone calls and it’s easy to get bounced around from person to person or between different companies who are trying to “help you”.

Search an entire call archive

With iovox, if you’ve taken notes on the call, you’ll have a full log of every interaction, what was said, what commitments were made and who’s responsible for the next deliverable.

Stay on top of conversation details

Whether you’re on the phone for personal or business reasons, iovox helps you keep a record of conversation details. Your nephew has a birthday coming and your sister thinks he’d like some Legos. Jot that down for future reference. Talking to a new client that is prepping for a product launch? Jot that down in notes and tailor your pitch accordingly. The uses for notes are as varied as the types of calls you’re on every day.

Give your brain a break from remembering everything. Take notes. Search when needed.

Getting started is free and easy. We'll even send you the download link.

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