Advanced call rule options

As well as forwarding a call to phone number or contact you could also create complex rules by adding whispers, recording calls and send missed call email alerts.

Play whisper to receiver
When someone calls an iovox number the call is forwarded to a destination number. When the receiver at the destination point answers the call a whisper can be played before connecting them to the caller. A whisper is a short audio greeting to inform the receiver where this call has come found. For example, “This is a business call”.

To add a whisper to the receiver, click on the toggle to turn it on and then select a whisper from the drop-down. If you don’t have any you can create a whisper by clicking on “Create new whisper” button.

Play whisper to caller
You can also create a custom whisper to be played to the caller to greet them with a friendly audio message.

To add a whisper to caller, click on the toggle to turn it on and then select a whisper from the drop-down. If you don’t have any you create a whisper by clicking on “Create new whisper”.

Record call
To improve the quality of your interactions with your callers you have the option to record your calls. Toggle on the record call option to turn it on. In compliance with Data Protection the following message will be played to the calling party prior to call connection - "This call may be monitored and recorded". Call recordings are available immediately after each call in the call details section.

Perform action if unanswered
In case you missed a call from one of your iovox numbers you can customise the rule to forward to someone else, go to voicemail or send an email alert.

Forward to someone else
If a call is unanswered you can forward to a second phone number. Toggle on and select “Forward to someone else” then enter a phone number or select a contact.

Go to voicemail
If you want it to go to voicemail then select “Go to voicemail” and enter an email address you want the email alert and audio file to be sent to.

Send email alert
You can send alerts to yourself or to a different email address when calls are unanswered. The email would include phone number of the caller and time of the call so that you can call them back. Select “Send email alert” and then add an email address.

![/help/attachmentDownloadByName?object= 2020-08-25 at 10.21.33.png](/help/attachmentDownloadByName?object= 2020-08-25 at 10.21.33.png "Create a basic call rule")

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