Access Roles


Create Accounts and Sub-Accounts to share data and functionalities with Members.

ACLs (or Access-Control List) allow you to control what the Members can do or see within a shared Account or Sub-Account.

There are three Access types to choose from: Full access, Configuration or Reporting, that can then be assigned an Editor or Viewer Role. Each combination has a set of permissions.

Members and Accounts


An account allow for its members to all login at a specific level, sharing call activity and taking actions. For instance, you can create an account for yourself or for your team, agency etc.

There are two types of account:

  • Personal account: It is created by default when signing up to iovox. Log into your personal account to get access to your own call activity, take actions and buy products for yourself only. The account is limited to a single member.

  • Shared account: It is created by adding at least one other member to your personal account. All members of a shared account will have access to it. Set an Access Type and Role for each added members and customise the access (details available in the "Roles" table below). A shared account can have as many members as needed.


Members are individuals with a single username that log into the portal. A member can be added to any number of accounts and sub-accounts. As a member, once logged into the portal, you will be able to select the account you want to use from the top right dropdown menu (more information in the "How it works" section).


My name is Bob and I manage a 3 Members' sales team.

I have a Personal Account:

  • It was created by default when signing up to iovox
  • I have bought iovox Numbers and credit
  • I have created and assigned call rules forwarding to myself
  • I only track my personal activity
  • Only I have access to this account

I have a "Sales Team" Account:

  • I have created it from my Personal Account
  • I have added my three Members to the Account
  • I have assigned Access Type and Role to each Member
  • I have bought iovox Numbers and credit
  • I have created and assigned call rules forwarding to the Members of the Account
  • Once logged in iovox, each Member (including myself) can select the shared "Sales Team" Account
  • The call activity and actions are shared between all the Members of the Account

How it works

To create and manage Accounts and Members, go to the side menu and click on "Account" > "Users".

When signing up, your "Personal account" is created by default, any data or actions taken in your Personal account won't affect any other Account.


The account appears in the "Personal accounts" section

You can create a new Account from this interface, as the creator, you will become the Owner and will have full access to all the data and functionalities.

Account hierarchy:

  • Data: Parent accounts have visibility on the Children accounts, but Children accounts cannot see Parent accounts' data
  • Setup: Any action taken (Shop, Groups, Items, Rules etc.) on an Account or Sub-Account will only affect itself and any Children account. For instance, you can buy numbers for a specific Sub-Account etc.

Click on "Add Account" to create a Parent account and give it a name.


Creation of a Parent Account called "My Business"

Members can be added at any level, from the parent Account to any Sub-Account.

Click on "Add users" to add Members to an Account or Sub-Account

  • Every time a user is added, an invite is sent over email
  • The user will need an iovox Account, if it does not exist yet, accepting the invite will guide the user into creating one


New Member receives an invite when added to the Account

Newly created Accounts will appear on the left menu.

Click on the Account you want to edit, click on "Add sub account" to create a child account.


Creation of a Sub-Account called "Sales Team" and "" as Full Access, Editor Member

You can edit any Account or Sub-Account at any time by selecting it from the left menu and clicking on "Edit"


Edit Accounts at any level. Here, "My Business" is the parent account, "Sales Team" is the Sub-account

As a user, you can switch from the default Personal account to the other Accounts or Sub-Accounts you are a Member of by clicking on the dropdown menu at the top right of the platform.


The user can switch from "Personal Account" to "My Business" (Parent Account) or "Sales Team" (Child Account)


Full Access, Editor
Full Access, Viewer
Configuration, Editor
Configuration, Viewer
Reporting, Editor
Reporting, Viewer
View users
Add users
Remove users
Sub-partner account - create
Sub-partner account - edit
Sub-partner account - delete
Inbox - view
Reports - view & export CSV
Insights - view & export CSV
Dashboard Overview - view & export CSV
Dashboard Insights - view & export CSV
Call details - view tags, flags, comment, transcription, listen to recordings
Call details - Create & remove Tag
Call Details - Flag & unflag
Call details - Add & delete comment
Call details - Share & unshare
Call details - Transcribe call recordings
Delete a call record
Numbers - view
Numbers - Edit Items, Call rule, tags
Groups - View & export
Groups - Create, edit & delete Group
Items - View & export
Items - Create, edit & delete Item
Call rules - View
Call rule - Create, edit & delete call rule
Whispers - View
Whispers - Create, edit & delete whisper
Keyword Spotting - view
Keyword Spotting - Create, edit, delete & reprocess keyword rule
Shop page
Products - view
Products - change payment method & cancel subscription
Billing - View
Payment method - View
Payment method - Add & delete payment method
Integration - view
Integration - update
Web dialer

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