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“When it comes down to it, nothing trumps execution.”
— Gary Vaynerchuk

“Your life and work are made up of outcomes and actions. When your operational behavior is grooved to organize everything that comes your way, at all levels, based upon those dynamics, a deep alignment occurs, and wondrous things emerge. You become highly productive. You make things up, and you make them happen.”
— David Allen, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

What do these quotes have to do with iovox and phone calls? Everything.

Phones are wonderful. They help us understand the world, they allow us to maintain community with other people of similar interests, they connect us to people we love (and some we don’t), and they help us earn money and make a living. But let’s be honest, phone calls can also be a pain. They can interrupt conversations, they can create stress and anxiety, and based on the outcome of the calls, they – more often than not – create work for you.

That’s where iovox comes in. Would you like a higher level of organization, productivity, or execution that is better than your competitors? Today is your lucky day: we’re here for you.

Hello Productivity, Organization, and Execution. So Long Random Sticky Notes and Scratch Paper.

The alignment David Allen talks about in the quote above is all about organization at every level of your life. When it comes to the phone, iovox is your solution to “getting things done”.

With iovox, when you’re on a phone call you can take personal notes in our app, tag the call with a searchable term that you can later retrieve quickly, and set follow up to-do lists for yourself. By the time the call ends (or just after its completion), you’re organized, with systems in place to remind you what to do, and you have a searchable archive of your conversation notes taken during the call. Safe to say you’ll be feeling like a phone call organization champ.

With iovox, after a call ends, capturing action items and sharing notes with others is achieved instantly. No need to scribble notes on the nearest piece of paper or Post-It and no more relying exclusively on your memory to capture every detail of a call and all the action items you have when the call ends. Instant organization. Productivity soaring.

iovox For Everyone

You are the CEO of You, Inc. as such if you make phone calls (personal or business) and want to be more productive and efficient with your time, iovox is for you.

Organization brings peace of mind. Peace of mind helps you focus. Focus allows for greater capacity to execute, and we all could use a little more of that couldn’t we?

If you’re ready to take your calls to the next level, try us out today – The new service from iovox has everything you need to help you make better business decisions today! Give it a try and sign up here.


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