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Originally Posted in HuffPost, by Rachel Wolfson, Contributor.

We live in a world consumed by emails, text messages, misplaced sticky notes, and countless phone calls. While these interactions are widely familiar, the way in which they are organized vastly differs.

One company called iovox is seeking to solve the inherent chaos of our fast-paced information era. While companies have emerged to provide solutions for pieces of the business communications puzzle, you currently won’t find anyone giving you the ability to store and search the full record of your phone call history.

Voice interactions are central to the decision-making process, both in our professional and personal lives. Many professions rely on the phone as an enabler of revenue. Furthermore, top business professionals currently lack a fully integrated phone call to CRM solution. This is a problem though, given that these interactions are crucial to the success of businesses. The gap of a technological solution is even more critical when you consider a recent statistic put out by Salesforce, stating that 92 percent of all customer interactions happen over the phone.

An Inbox for Phone Calls“Why can’t I search the entirety of my phone history?”

Ryan Gallagher, CEO of iovox, pondered this question. Ryan is amongst the growing group of professionals making 50 to 100 calls a week, calls that affect his core business. As a result, he developed a new service from iovox, a call-tracking solution designed especially for individuals seeking a way to keep track of all call data in one place.
iovox is essentially an inbox for phone calls, allowing users to sync, store and analyze phone data through their desktop or via the mobile app now available for preview in the Google Play Store (iOS soon to follow). With iovox, users can easily set reminders for calls, create follow ups, tag important calls, and much more, ensuring easy access to user’s most important conversations.

“I am extremely busy and I communicate a lot with both voice and email and I found that with email, it is simple to stay organized. I flag emails for follow up, I add them as tasks and can add due dates. All of these basic tools allow me to remain organized and efficient with my time. With a phone call though, it just wasn’t possible,” said Ryan. “I constantly found myself forgetting to follow up and not being able to find my notes on calls. This led me to ask why was it so difficult to do the basics with a phone call? Why can’t I flag it? Why can’t I add notes with context and why can’t I archive calls with notes and forward them on to colleagues? I became frustrated with the lack of basic functionality, of a phone call, so as any good engineer would, I decided to disrupt this old technology to make it useful and powerful.”

The Next Generation of Phone Calls

iovox really could be considered the next generation of phone calls, allowing users to look back at verbal conversations, while also providing other features that are revolutionizing the basic phone call.

For instance, consider the role of a consultant. Many consultants rely on time and are paid by the hour. Keeping track of how long phone calls are is vital to consultants. By tagging a call, with a client’s name, iovox allows consultants to easily search interactions and provide accurate recaps for themselves and clients alike.

Busy professionals who frequently travel will also benefit from iovox. Changing SIM cards and transferring data between phones can be a chore. iovox eliminates the stress of the switch and grants peace of mind over the organization of your call data.

While a wide variety of business professionals can benefit from a call-tracking solution, parents, students and everyday people can also make better phone calls with iovox. Soccer mom on the go? Share your grocery list in a flash. Hosting a workshop? Tag calls from participants, or group attendees, for easy searching when you need to communicate a last-minute update.

The Future of The Phone Call

The possible use cases for iovox are truly endless. And given the current pace of telecommunications, coupled with the constant vitality of the phone call, it looks like iovox couldn’t come soon enough.

The new service from iovox has everything you need to help you make better business decisions today! Give it a try and sign up here.


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