Top 10 Takeaways from Agent 2021

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Missed the Agent2021 conference? Don’t worry, iovox has you covered.

Agent2021 was a one-day conference held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida that brought together industry leaders and agents from the Auto, Real Estate, Travel and Insurance fields to educate attendees on how to leverage innovation to scale their businesses.

Alongside the list of premier agents were industry leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO, Vaynermedia), Ryan Serhant (NYC Top Real Estate Broker), Gillian Morris (Founder & CEO, Hitlist), Tom Ferry (Top Real Estate Coach), Andy Frisella (Founder & CEO, 1st Phorm International), Beth Clifford (CEO, Mahogany Bay Village) and many more.

Yesterday’s tools will no longer suffice for the quickly growing business of today’s world. There is a massive gap between where your customers are spending their time and where you, the marketer, are spending your hard-earned dollars.

That said, here are some innovative tools, platforms and tactics you can use to close the gap and start marketing in the year 2018. The digital wave is disrupting all industries. What happened to Blockbuster, can happen to you. It’s time to wake up and take advantage because the internet is here and here to stay. This era has only just begun.

Here are our top 10 takeaways from Gary Vee’s Agent2021 Conference, that you can start using today to take your business from $0 to $100 million.

1. Live in the now

Don’t get too ahead of the curve. Yes, Virtual Reality is cool but it’s not what’s going to sell a home today. It may sell million-dollar homes in 2025 but today it’s about living in the now. Want to up your selling game? Use tools like Snapchat, to showcase home tours or Facebook Live to host a real-time open house online.

2. Never stop learning

What worked yesterday, won’t work tomorrow and what works today, will not work next year. Keep your eyes and ears open for emerging trends and technologies. Make the commitment to be a lifelong learner and you will always find yourself right at the cusp of the innovation curve, not too early and not too late.


3. Invest in yourself

Stop taking lavish vacations, you don’t need a new car and you don’t need a new pair of $300-dollar shoes. Invest in yourself. By doing so, you not only invest in your business but your dreams too. Don’t have time to curate new content? Hire someone. Don’t have time to keep up with social media? Hire someone. You cannot build your empire alone, hire. You must invest in the right people (and tools) to help grow your empire.


4. Build a personal brand

Stop doing what everyone else is doing and build your own brand, just don’t put your face on your business cards. That’s so 2000’s. This is 2018 people, get a logo, get a website, get on social and get going. Showcase you who are, not what you sell. People do business with people.

5. Be authentic

Inspired by the wise words of Andy Frisella, grow, learn, but always be true to yourself. In building a brand, it’s important to be and stay authentic. Don’t try to be someone else. Branding yourself has to do with making people that already love you, love you more. Don’t take negative comments personally. Let the haters hate.


6. Spend your money where it matters

So many marketers try to capture the entire audience and cast way too wide of a net. You will never capture the entire audience, so please stop trying. Be where your customers are. Don’t waste money and resources elsewhere. To do this effectively, you must also know where your customer wants to be.

7. Content is king (and queen)

Mind you, I am talking quality content. To curate engaging and shareable content, your pieces must do one of the following: educate, entertain or impact. This is the formula for engagement. Don’t dilute your brand with poor quality content. Strive to curate and publish only shareable content.

8. Take advantage of new and free tools

Don’t keep doing the same old stuff. It’s not going to work. If you don’t know something, Google it. If you can’t hire someone to do a job, find a tool that can and don’t say it doesn’t exists because there’s an app for almost everything. Can’t afford a graphic designer? Use Canva to create awesome graphics, banner ads, and more all with no design experience needed. Is a fancy CRM out of budget? Use iovox to manage your calls, take notes and schedule follow ups for free.

9. Focus on the depth not the width

You are the only thing in the way of you getting ahead. Stop trying to do too many things at once. Focus on what matters most to you and your business. Don’t be shy, don’t hold back and go deep. Be transparent and persevere. It takes time to go from uncomfortable to comfortable but once you get there, your potential is limitless. Be proud of who you are.

10. Write ideas down and set goalsLastly and most importantly, set goals. You can’t do it all at once. As Tom Ferry suggests, create a do, doing, and done list. This list should be up on a board and visible every day. It highlights the things you want to do, the things you are doing and the things you’ve done. Then you can run this list against your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals to set realistic expectations for yourself. Plus, crossing things off a list feels nice.

Now that you’ve made it this far, the rest is on you. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to do it, or make you do it, but with the right framework to do it, the rest should be easy. For more powerful tips, tricks and industry insights, check out the hashtag #Agent2021 on Twitter. If you have any questions or additional industry insights to share, don’t hesitate to post in the comments below.

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