5 Ways iovox Helps High Volume Callers Replace Chaos with Organization

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Recently we were out with our commercial realtor looking for office space to accommodate our growing business. In the span of a 90-minute car ride, our realtor received at least four phone calls, each of which needed to be followed up. Since he can’t take notes while he’s driving, he often forgets to call people back. Way too chaotic, but all too common. It’s hard to maintain organization while constantly on the go.

If you spend a lot of time on the road or in the passenger seat of a car, then you are probably too familiar with this scene, especially if phone calls mean money in your job.

This is an everyday challenge that millions of busy people face, particularly those who spend a lot of time for their business behind the wheel. How do you maintain organization while staying on top of every single phone call when they come at you so fast, particularly when there’s a possible sale on the other end of the line?

Fortunately, iovox has an app to help you replace chaos with organization, which will surely improve your productivity. Here are 5 ways iovox helps high volume callers.

1) Improve productivity, organization and time managementWhether during or after a call, you can take notes and instantly assign a tag to a phone call so you can easily search for the notes and key information from that call at a later date.

2) Keep track of all call interactions, without a big CRM systemWinning at sales requires being great at the details. CRMs can be complicated, or just too much for many people. iovox is a simple way to track and manage phone-based interactions with prospects and customers using features like note taking, tags, and flags. In the same way that you can flag emails in your inbox for follow up later, now you can do the same thing with phone calls. Just finished a conference call and need to send a contract to your attorneys for review? Tap the flag icon as a reminder. Done. Perfect organization in just a few simple steps.

3) In a team? Save time when you need to collaborate.Business is a team sport which requires collaboration with others inside and outside your company. The best teams share information and make better decisions by doing so. iovox enables call sharing, so if you take notes on a call that your team should know about, you can instantly share that information and start a collaboration thread around that specific phone call. iovox saves time and gets teams on the same page.

4) Improve CRM data accuracy through seamless integrations.Many companies with large sales teams use sophisticated CRM systems to manage customer interactions. Not an issue for iovox. We have built integrations with popular systems like Zoho, Salesforce and Dynamics and will be introducing these throughout the year. It’s so simple. Once a call ends, users press one-button to share the call details automatically into their CRM. Now their CRM has an accurate record of every client interaction, and sales reps don’t have to remember to update their CRM each day. iovox makes CRM organization and accuracy easy.

5) Take iovox with you everywhere. Behind the wheel and can’t type? No problem.When your calls ends, tap the record button* and your phone will transcribe your speech into text notes that you can search later. iovox can help you anywhere. Whether you’re on the road, on the go, or in the office.

Whether you work alone or on a large team, if your job (or life) involves a high volume of phone calls, iovox can help you replace chaos with organization. The Huffington Post says the use cases for iovox “are endless”. We agree.

* Requires Android operating system. Not currently supported on Android 10.

The new service from iovox has everything you need to help you make better business decisions today! Give it a try and sign up here.


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