Tags, not just for photos. Top 5 Reasons to Tag Your Calls Too.

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Tag my calls? How do I do that? Why would I do that? What does that even mean?

Let’s back up.

If you’ve ever used Instagram or any other social media app, you know the flood of photos and tags I’m talking about. You just went on a trip to the beach and came back with tons of photos – some good and some not so good. Now, you want to remind your family how great of a time you had so you post on social and tag your family in the photos. They get a friendly notice that they’ve been tagged in the post and there you have it. Engagement. Feel good vibes all around.

Back in 2009 the folks at Mashable thought Facebook’s ability to search tagged photos was the “best thing since sliced bread.” The post went on to say that the ‘cool thing about the feature is the ability to search for multiple tagged friends at the same time. There you have it, yet another reason to properly tag all those photos in your collection.’

Search is something we do every day. We probably take it for granted. We use search on the web, in email, and in CRM systems, but what about phone calls?

That’s one of the questions the team at iovox has been asking for a while. Sure, you can skim through the dialer on your phone and hope to find the last time you talked to someone, but what happens when your phone only stores the last 100 calls? We rely on memory or notes that usually end up crumbled in the bottom of a purse or on the floor of a car.

That was then. This is now.

We’re iovox. A company with a rich history of helping businesses grow revenues through call analytics and we have come up with a free, simple to use service, that’s starting to turn heads around the globe.

Our new service is available for both Android and iOS. The service works for anyone that uses a cell phone – whether for personal or business reasons – and tagging calls are just one of the powerful features available.

We thought we’d share our top 5 reasons to tag your calls.

1) Tags keep you organizedIf you make a lot of phone calls, at the end of each call you can apply a tag like “Proposal” or “New Prospect” to the call making it easy to find or reference in the future.

2) Tags make search a snapWant to prep for a meeting and be reminded of what you last spoke about with the prospective client? Just type the tag for that client into the search box and iovox will provide you with an entire history of every call you’ve had that matches that tag.

3) Tags help you separate personal and work callsIf you’re like us, you probably use the same mobile phone for home and work. Using tags is an easy way to keep your calls separate. Tag personal calls with “Home” and work calls with “Business” or any tag of choice, they’re completely customizable.

4) Tags combined with notes gives you an unlimited call history*Your memory may be good, but why put pressure on yourself to remember everything? With iovox you can jot down notes, and add tags to any call. You can then search for calls matching that tag, giving you an instant recollection of what you talked about, where you were, and how long the call lasted. iovox’s call history isn’t limited by the dialer on your phone. We have an endless* supply of secure storage for your entire call archive.

5) Tags save you timeYour time is valuable. When you need to know something about a phone call, tags give you the ability to get the information immediately. No more thumbing through old paper notebooks or digging into the bottom of your purse. With a little organizational help, tags will enhance your time management and give you greater productivity throughout the day.

The Huffington Post calls it “the future of the phone call”, and who are we to argue?

Give iovox a try today. We promise it’s as good as advertised and getting better everyday thanks to our eager and active customers.

Already a user? If you’ve got a minute, stick around and let our product manager, Ashley, show you how simple it is to tag a call.

*premium feature

The new service from iovox has everything you need to help you make better business decisions today! Give it a try and sign up here.


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