5 Ways to Improve Call Organization with Flags

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We all know what life with email is like. You wake up to a daily avalanche of messages and need to sort through them quickly to get to the things that really matter. One of the more common approaches to managing emails is the use of flags. Wouldn’t it be great if that same feature existed for phone calls?

Thanks to iovox, now you can set flags on phone calls and schedule reminders for follow up later. The magic of email is now available on phone calls.

Here are 5 simple ways that you can improve your call handling and be more organized by using flags from iovox:

1) Use flags as a simple reminderJust talked to your boss and need to send her an updated contract but you’re in line at Starbucks? No problem. Tap the flag icon so when your double mocha is ready, you can get back to business and won’t forget to follow up.

2) Assign flags to someone else on your teamSo, you’re still in line at Starbucks, but your boss needs that updated contract “RIGHT NOW”. With iovox, you can quickly assign that flagged call to a team member, set a reminder and get alerted once they’ve finished.

3) Never forget to follow up, thanks to email remindersNot only does iovox send you mobile reminder notifications, but you can also choose to get sent reminders on email. This way, no matter where you are, you will always remember that flagged action item and cross it off your to-do-list. Done and done.

4) A single view of your flagged call ‘inbox’Keep all your flagged calls in one easy and accessible place that can be viewed on mobile or web. iovox provides an organized and actionable list of your action items so you can check items off with ease.

5) Never lose contact details againWith iovox, your flagged action items are directly tied to the caller, so you’ll never wonder, ‘Who was I supposed to send that contract too?’ or ‘When did I last call that client back again?’ iovox provides you all the information you need, in one organized and actionable place.

We are excited to share these new services with you. The Huffington Post calls iovox “an inbox for calls” and it does work like that in many ways. iovox gives you a place to keep all your phone interactions organized and prioritized. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

If you’ve got an extra minute, stick around and let our product manager, Ashley, show you how simple it is to flag a call.

The new service from iovox has everything you need to help you make better business decisions today! Give it a try and sign up here.


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