How Subito Acquires Complete, Real-Time Visibility on Telephone Leads With iovox Call Tracking

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Leaders don’t rest. They innovate. We’re pleased to share the story of how Italy’s #1 marketplace, Subito, is leveraging advanced call tracking features from iovox to ensure they stay ahead of the competition and remind their customers every day of the value they create.

We were fortunate to get some time in the busy schedule of Andrea Volontè, Director of Sales, at Subito to talk about the business.

Q: Hi Andrea, thank you so much for meeting with us today, could you please tell us a bit about Subito and your role within the company?

Subito is part of Adevinta, a global online classifieds specialist which operates digital marketplaces in 15 countries, serving over 1 billion users every month.

We are very proud of the fact that Subito is the No. 1 platform in Italy for selling and buying. We operate in four main vertical markets; Automotive, Real Estate, Market/Classifieds, and Jobs. We were founded in Milan in 2007 and with our 37 different categories, we serve more than 13 mil-lion buyers and sellers visiting our pages every month.

We create a lot of traffic with more than 53 million page views and 124,000 new ads approved every day. We are ranked among the top 10 most visited online brands in Italy.

  • 8th Place

    Online Brand Ranking 2019*

  • 6 Million

    Daily online live ads

  • 5 Million

    App installs

  • 11 Million

    Unique visitors per month

  • 10 Minutes

    Average time per visit

subito traffic

Our aim has always been to offer the simplest, fastest, and safest online buying and selling service in Italy. With Subito, professional users as well as individuals with no previous experience can do excellent business through our platform.

Andrea Volontè, Subito Director of Sales

“As for me, I've been at Subito for over 5 years now, starting first as the Head of Automotive and B2B Sales. Now I am Director of Sales, and my priorities are to help the company grow revenue in all our various market segments.”

—Andrea Volontè , Subito Director of Sales

Q: That is extremely impressive! Thank you for sharing. What challenges were you facing that led you to explore Call Tracking? What goals did you want to achieve through this service?

We work every day to improve our product offerings for our professional clients, and we want the quality of the leads produced through Subito's professional subscription to be clear and tangible.

We believed a call tracking solution would help us achieve the goal of making our leads clear and allow us to demonstrate the value of the Subito platform to our customers.

Q: What solution are you currently using from iovox, and why did you choose it?

When we looked at the challenges we were trying to address and the solutions offered by iovox, we chose the dedicated call tracking solution. This solution enables us to evaluate incoming calls for the professional sellers on our platform. We do this to prove the return on investment for our professional subscribers. One way we reinforce the Subito brand leadership among our customers is the use of the iovox Call Whisper which says “This is a call from Subito” to the dealer as they answer the phone.

The whisper is short enough to not interrupt the flow of the phone call, but it also gives Subito the opportunity to make a positive brand impression with our customers on every phone call, remind-ing them that our platform has value, and we are delivering new opportunities to them every day.

iovox call whispers

As you can imagine, we deliver a high volume of phone calls to our professional clients on a daily basis, so we are making a lot of brand impressions with every call due to the iovox Call Whisper feature.

In addition, we like the fact that our clients are able to keep track of all the calls they receive as a result of advertisements published on the Subito platform. It’s just another reminder of our value when they can see the data and volume of calls coming from ads running on our network.

Lastly, the missed call feature is something our clients benefit from as well. When they miss a call, they get an alert and can respond immediately to a new sales opportunity before it becomes a lost sales opportunity.

Q: That is fantastic news and exactly what we like to hear. What made you choose iovox?

We knew that iovox had expertise in the marketplaces category and that they could customize a solution to fit our needs. We wanted to offer our clients a complete, efficient, and well featured service, and iovox was able to deliver that for us and our customers.

Q: What are some of the advantages you have gained from implementing the services provided by iovox?

Thanks to iovox's call tracking services, our professional clients have complete, real-time visibility on all the telephone leads that arrive that are a direct result of ads published on the Subito plat-form. Our clients have daily reminders of our value to their business and when our customers are growing and happy with our services, that helps us with client retention and creates new opportu-nities to help our customers grow their business.

Thank you very much for your time, Andrea!

As Andrea said, with our flexible API and pricing to fit any budget, we can design a call tracking and analytics solution to meet the needs of your company and help grow your business cost effectively.

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