Latest Results: Welink Increases Conversions by 18% with iovox

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When more than 5,000 members across 8 countries are counting on you to help them acquire new customers, your platform must be state of the art. This article features Welink, a France based provider of lead management and digital marketing services for SMBs and how they’ve creatively incorporated iovox call tracking into their offerings.

For this interview, we had the opportunity to speak with the founder and CEO of Welink, Charles Passerau.

Q: Charles, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Please share a bit about your company (who you’re targeting, your position in the market, etc.) and your role in the company.

Thank you. I founded Welink in 2018 and we have developed a SAAS solution to help SMBs acquire new customers thanks to our unique sales technology.

We help our customers increase their visibility online and reach people who are looking for the services they provide without requiring big software efforts like a booking module, visibility management platform, and lead alerting.

We initially focused on helping accountants in France. Then we expanded throughout the EU and launched several new verticals such as Builders, Lawyers, Agencies and Architects.

Today, Welink has more than 5,000 members in 8 countries.

Welink members

Q: That’s impressive growth in a short period of time. What challenges were you facing that led you to explore call tracking and what were your goals from such a program?

For Welink, it’s essential for us to know how many messages, appointments, and phone calls each of our 5,000 members receive through our platform. When someone is shopping for a professional service like a lawyer or accountant, they want an immediate reply, so we needed to know if our members were missing any important opportunities so we could help them respond quickly. In addition to that, we needed to know how well our product was performing as measured by the kind of lead generation we were creating for our members.

Andrea Volontè, Subito Director of Sales

“We need to generate leads through our platforms, and it's proven that the quickest way to reach a professional is the phone.”

—Charles Passerau, Founder and CEO of Welink

We had very little visibility on what was happening via phone calls between leads and our members which is why we needed an efficient call tracking solution.

Q: What led you to choose iovox?

We tried many call tracking solutions, but iovox's industry expertise, the capabilities of their platform, and the quality of human relationship made it an easy choice. After more than 3 years, I can happily say that we chose the right solution!

Q: We’re delighted you are happy with the service. Can you share a bit about the implementation?

The documentation and the iovox resources were very helpful and as usual the friendly experts at iovox were available to help us with our questions. The biggest compliment came from our CTO/CPO who told me that iovox is one of the best partners he’s ever worked with in terms of support, communication and performing against the SLA. That’s a glowing endorsement from a tough judge!

Q: That is fantastic to hear! Thank you so much for your time, Charles. Just one last question. What are some of the benefits you have gained from implementing the iovox solution?

One of the best things about the iovox analytics is that you can consistently measure improvement, and we’ve seen an 18% increase in conversion rates since implementing iovox’s call tracking solutions. This has had a massive impact on our business performance and we believe there’s more we can do to improve on these results with some of the advanced features iovox has started rolling out like conversational ai.

Thank you very much for your time, Charles.

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