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Most of us love the television DVR because we can rewind scenes to make sure we don’t miss a thing. Well what about phone calls? How do we rewind a conversation to remember what was said during an important phone call? Iovox has the answer and in this week’s blog we’re sharing the details on the power of phone call transcriptions and how a replay of important conversations can be right at your fingertips.

Millions of times a day all around the world, phone calls are made where action items are discussedWe’ve all been there. It’s a busy day with rapid fire series of phone calls and interruptions. By the time you’re on your fifth call of the day, you’re wondering about the first call you had and what you promised to do as your ‘take away’, but you really can’t remember amid the blur of the other calls and interruptions.

Together, with call recordings and phone call transcriptions* (Android only), the iovox app brings once lost information right to your fingertips. If you wanted a written record of what you committed to do on your first call of the day, by using iovox, you can convert your side of a recorded conversation into searchable text. The transcriptions process is fast and produces content of your call in seconds.

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The power of keyword search for phone call transcriptionsToday it seems like everything is searchable. Email, text messages, and of course online content and notes in a CRM system. These are all important tools in the arsenal of any business person, but what about the millions of hours per month that business people spend on phone calls? Without recordings and transcriptions, those phone calls evaporate and are never seen again. For important business events, or simply to be reminded of what you were supposed to do on a call, phone call transcriptions can make all the difference.

Once a phone call is converted into a text transcription the uses are endless. Want to retrieve the quote you gave to your largest customer a year ago? No problem, just use the iovox app (mobile or desktop) and do a keyword search for any notes in the system that include your client’s name and you’ll find out exactly what you said a year ago. Phone call transcriptions are also very compelling for anyone that is mobile and required to keep their CRM updated with every client or prospect interaction.

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Phone call transcriptions are a huge time saver for busy sales teams using CRMWe hear it all the time. Mobile sales people are busy traveling between appointments and are on and off the phone constantly throughout the day. Sales managers want to track the activity and progress of their client interactions as every interaction matters as it relates to accurate forecasting and predictably hitting sales targets. There’s a natural friction from these two demanding positions.

What are busy sales people to do? Either try to stay on top of updating their CRM throughout their day or try to reconstruct the conversations at another time by relying on memory or whatever they can glean from their call history on their phone.

Now, there’s a better way.

With phone call transcriptions from iovox, once a call is recorded and transcribed, the mobile sales person can copy the relevant part of the conversation text and share that text straight into the CRM system through the iovox app with CRM integration. Sharing data with CRM becomes effortless and saves hours of reconstruction. The busy sales person is able to focus on selling and closing deals and the sales manager is happy with a constantly and accurately updated record of every client interaction.

Phone call transcriptions are easy to use and can improve your productivityIn the iovox app, the option to record and transcribe a call is entirely up to you (Android only). If you’ve turned on call recordings, the app will record your side of the phone call (for privacy reasons we only record one side). Converting that conversation to searchable text is simple. Just press the transcribe button and we’ll return a text transcript of your phone call. The length of the call will determine how long it will take to transcribe, but most calls are only seconds away.

After a call has been transcribed, easily search a text version of exactly what you said, whether the call was a week, a month or a minute ago.

Just like with email where you might search for a keyword in a message you sent to someone months ago, the power of transcriptions enables you to do the exact same thing with phone calls and voice.

The perfect companion for business people who are always on the phoneWhether you’re a small business owner, a salesperson, attorney, or running a busy household, the iovox app helps people who spend all their time on the phone. Loaded with features, like call tags, call flags, or our new phone call transcriptions feature, we’re here to improve your experience using the phone.

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