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Here at iovox, our blog is home to many great customer stories, featured for their innovation and the positive results garnered from using call tracking solutions to solve a business problem. In this blog, we’re honored to feature and interview with Antoine Despujols Director of Business to Business Marketing at La Centrale. La Centrale is the French leader in car, motorcycle and boat content in the field of classifieds and editorials. Their history goes back more than 40 years to 1969 with the birth of the Centrale des Particuliers, the first paper medium for connecting sellers and buyers. Today, they have a 100% digital business model.

Interview with Antoine Despujols of La Centrale, Director of B2B Marketing

Q: Antoine, can you tell us about your role and also about the different digital sites that make up the La Centrale ecosystem?

A: La Centrale is the French leader in the car, motorcycle and boat sectors. The group is based on an ecosystem of very complementary car brands, and digital sites about cars in particular.La Centrale is the leading site in France that specializes in adverts for second-hand vehicles, for both individuals and professionals.

We have its counterpart, Promoneuve, which specializes in new vehicles at discounted prices, and the last small one, Ma voiture cash, which is a site where users can buy vehicles in cash from individuals but is also a supply solution for our professional clients.

And finally, we have Caradisiac, which is the leader in terms of editorial content and automobile news. In total, 8 million French people visit our sites each month.

And Regarding my role within the organization, I am the director of B2B Marketing, and so my role is to develop our activity and business with our professional clients.

Q: When deciding to implement call tracking, what were the most important objectives that you wanted the iovox solution to address?

A: We followed three objectives during the implementation.

First Objective: Protect the data of our private sellers by replacing individuals’ phone numbers with iovox’s phone numbers.

Second Objective: To chart the performance of adverts put on line by our private and professional clients and offer an additional service to be able to manage missed calls by our private and professional clients.

Third Objective: And this affects us, to make tangible the contribution of our sites in terms of calls to both our professional and private clients and to be capable of managing the global performance of our platform.

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Q: What led you to choose iovox?

A: We decided to work with iovox for the following reasons:

The first one: We were looking for a robust and professional solution that could manage a high volume of calls.

Secondly, we needed a solution that was scalable enough to manage an even greater volume of calls as today iovox manages part of our business capital.

The third reason, which is also important for us, is to have a flexible and agile team, that is able to respond to our requests relatively quickly.

Q: How did the implementation go?

A: Iovox is experienced in working with specialists in small adverts. For us, the implementation was perfectly managed and the work with the technical teams went very smoothly. In the end, we just had to connect to the APIs, test them and deploy them.

Finally, the implementation of the solution is very quick, as in only two weeks you are able to manage the performance of your site, that is you can find out how many calls your site is able to generate.

Q: What benefits have you gained from the iovox solution?

A: We have gained a number of benefits from implementing iovox’s solution.

The first one was being able to view our performance objectively, that is, our contribution in terms of call volume for our private and professional clients.

The second point is to also view the return on investment that we provide to our clients objectively, that is, how many calls the platforms, for example La Centrale, send to our clients.

And the third benefit is being able to manage our global performance for each platform, but also to manage our performance for each point of sale, and as a result, to be able to chart the performance of our site for each advert published.

If you find yourself in France in the market for a car, motorcycle or boat, for a company that prides itself on its customer service and the ethical and responsible analysis of data, definitely check out our friends at La Centrale.

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