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Mobile Call Tracking and CRM Integration

You’ve probably all heard the term “CRM” before. The acronym refers to Customer Relationship Management software popularized by companies like Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft and many others, but it has really been around for decades in various forms. CRM software is a category of software that is popular and booming because of the value it brings to companies that need to keep track of client interactions, whether during the sales process or in supporting a client once they begin paying for the service a company provides.

The phone call is a central part of interacting with customers, but it’s not always easy to incorporate phone-based interactions into a CRM system. It’s especially challenging when the person responsible for entering those interactions is mobile and working from a mobile phone. Mobile calls are easily missed in the CRM tracking process, but fortunately, iovox has come up with a solution to this problem.

Recently, iovox launched a new mobile app that is perfect for busy individuals who spend a lot of time on the phone, or for whom phone calls translate into money.

iovox Zoho CRM integrationThe iovox app easily integrates with your CRM

The iovox app is the productivity tool that everyone who uses a mobile phone for business calls needs. If you have a CRM system, the iovox solution can easily integrate. For companies that don’t have CRM, the iovox app and its desktop companion are liken to a light CRM until businesses need the features of a full CRM system.

With the cell phone that you have on you right now, keeping track of your calls is difficult.

The new app from iovox not only makes using your cell phone as efficient and organized as using email, but when the app is used in conjunction with Zoho CRM, it reduces the amount of time spent on manual data entry by up to 4 hours a week.*


With iovox, you can tag, flag, share, search, add notes, sync to Zoho CRM and record* and transcribe your calls*.

*Only on Android

On their own, each of these features are unique and impressive. But it’s how the app’s features work together that creates the most powerful tool that exists for organizing your phone calls and making your cell phone as productive as possible.

One of the best things about the iovox app is that you don’t need to remember to open it.

Unlike a VOIP dialer, with iovox there isn’t anything you have to remember to open before making a call. You simply use your phone exactly as you normally would. Once downloaded, iovox is always on, capturing, organizing and storing your call details for you.


One of the simplest and most used features of the iovox app is flagging. Just like email, where you can flag a message for follow up later, flagging a call with iovox highlights it for future action.


With iovox, you can tag contacts and calls for simple searching. Adding a tag to a call gives you the ability to search your call history to find any call or caller that has that tag. Assign multiple tags for ease of search.

iovox call tagging for real estateTag Calls with the iovox app


When a call ends, with the press of a button, shares notes from the call with an individual, a team, or into Zoho CRM.


One of the most powerful features of the iovox app is its search function. Just like using keywords to search within email, iovox enables you to do the same with your calls, but with all of your calls, there’s no expiration on your call history.


When you take notes on a call, the next time that person calls, you have all the information you discussed last time. Stay on top of conversations and never forget important details of a call.


Effortlessly record and transcribe your calls into searchable content you can share, just like email. Everything you said on an important conversation is now available at your fingertips with call transcriptions.

*Requires Android operating system. For privacy reasons, call recordings are only for your side of the conversation.


As mentioned, when the iovox app is used in conjunction with Zoho CRM, it can reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry by up to 4 hours a week.

With the two-way sync between iovox and Zoho CRM, there is no longer a need to remember what was discussed on calls throughout your day only to type it into Zoho CRM later. You can free yourself from trying to rewind your day at the end of the day, only to forget upwards of 60%* of data compared to if it was synced in the moment.


With one touch, provide your team with 100% accurate post-call updates into Zoho CRM.

You choose what gets shared from your mobile, so even if you, like the rest of us, use your mobile for personal calls as well, only what you choose gets shared into Zoho CRM.

Two-way synch with Zoho is saving people significant amounts of time. But don’t take it from us, take it from Philipp.

Philipp Karch is a solo entrepreneur, he runs a coaching business called TACHELES MIT TAKT in Berlin, Germany and he does it ALL. In his own words, he is the “CEO, marketing and finance all in one person.”

TACHELES MIT TAKTCoaching business TACHELES MIT TAKT saves valuable time with iovox

Philipp mentioned a problem of losing new customers because he didn’t save leads right away. When asked how he was using the iovox app to solve that problem, Philipp answered:

“Now, when I get a call from an unknown number which turns out to have potential to become a new customer, I “share this call” with Zoho CRM. In Zoho I find a new entry under “activities”. Through this automatically generated new field or data entry I will NOT lose track of new contacts anymore. Sometimes I also take “notes” which show up in Zoho CRM as well. And thirdly, sometimes I have my recorded words transcribed into text to sync them easily into proposals or other documents. So iovox helps me keep track of every call, saving me time and improving my response time with new customers…”

When we asked Philipp if he would recommend the iovox app he said:

“Definitely! Anybody who might lose track of incoming calls will enjoy the app.”

Thank you so much to Philipp! We are so grateful to call you our customer and wish you success and an amazing future with TACHELES MIT TAKT.

We’re all about saving busy people time, and the iovox app will give you valuable time back each day. Plus, you won’t need to rely on your memory for all the important facts.

So there you have it, with the latest in innovative technology for making your cell phone productive again is the new app from iovox.
Interested in discovering more about these new capabilities from iovox? Click here to learn more or set up an appointment with our team.

Customer Spotlight

We love sharing customer success stories, and in this newsletter we’re thrilled to tell you about La Centrale. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Antoine Despujols, the Director of Business to Business Marketing at La Centrale.

La Centrale Logo

La Centrale is the French leader in car, motorcycle and boat content in the field of classifieds and editorials. Their history goes back more than 40 years to 1969 with the birth of the Centrale des Particuliers, the first paper medium for connecting sellers and buyers. Today, they have a 100% digital business model and are using services from iovox to grow revenue. Learn more about La Centrale and how call tracking from iovox is changing their business for the better in our recent blog.

Team Talk

This quarter, we’re pleased to introduce you to John Harrell, Principal UX Developer for iovox.

John Harrell - Principal UX DeveloperJohn Harrell, Principal UX Developer, iovox

Q: How long have you been at iovox and what’s your role in the company?

A: I joined team iovox exactly two years and nine months ago. I am the Principal UX Developer at iovox and work in the Mill Valley office.

Q: What products and services do you tend to work on most?

A: I work on practically all aspects of our public web face: our blog, the corporate website, the iovox enterprise site, and increasingly on our Android and iOS apps.

Q: What are you most excited about related to the products you’re working on?

A: I would have to say I’m currently most excited about the upcoming redesign and upgrade on our desktop app. Following our acquisition of WannaSpeak, we have been in the process of wrapping their offerings into the iovox ecosystem. Ultimately, it’s rewarding to build solutions that don’t just answer the needs of big business but are useful for individuals as well.

Q: What would you like to say to our readers?

A: Stay tuned. These are exciting times at iovox, and many awesome things are just around the corner! And if you haven’t tried our app, please do…you’ll be glad you did.

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Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any questions about how iovox might help your business or if you have topics you’d like to see us cover in our next newsletter.

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