How to Use a Call Whisper to Grow Your Marketplace

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Do you have trouble attracting and retaining sellers in your marketplace because they don’t know how many clients you send their way? Your marketplace could be sending your sellers 90% of their leads, but if your sellers aren’t aware of that, they might lose their trust in your website.

How can you make sure your sellers know about the valuable leads they are receiving in return for their investment in your marketplace – without them having to ask incoming callers directly?

Call Whispers

That’s where Call Whispers come in. Call Whispers are a tool that helps your sellers know how many customers your marketplace sends their way.

What is a Call Whisper?

A call whisper is a pre-recorded message that helps sellers on your website attribute the source of incoming calls to your marketplace.


Most sellers have a multi-channel marketing campaign with listings on competitor sites as well as on other platforms like Facebook, local newspapers, or yellow pages. Call whispers let sellers know which calls are originating from your marketplace to justify their investment.

Marketplace sellers don’t like to ask customers the source of their calls because it interrupts the flow of the conversation, which might affect conversions. Call whispers eliminates the hassle of having to ask callers this question.

Companies like Zoopla, AutoTrader, and OnTheMarket (major European marketplace portals) use call whispers & alerts to attribute the source of leads.

How do call whispers work?

When a seller posts products for sale on your platform, unique, virtual, toll-free numbers or local numbers are assigned to those ads.

When a prospect is interested in your marketplace listing, they call one of the seller’s toll-free numbers or local numbers mentioned in the listing.

When the seller picks up the phone, he or she will hear a short, pre-recorded message saying, “This call is from X Marketplace” before hearing the caller’s voice.

This recorded message takes three to five seconds and immediately lets your seller know that the call originated from your website. The person who dialed will continue to hear ringing on their line while the short message plays.

Iovox Call Whispers

When does the call whisper play?

Worried that whisper messaging will interrupt your conversation?

Don’t be!

The whisper message doesn’t play when you or the caller are speaking. It plays when you pick up the call while the caller continues to hear ringing. Somewhat like a queue in an IVR (except that it’s just for 3-5 seconds.) The call only begins after the brief recording has ended.

How do Call Whispers Help?In addition to lead source attribution, call whispers help you and your marketplace sellers in several ways:

Optimize ad performance

When you know how many prospects are calling for your products, you can easily track the performance of your ad sources.

Think about it.

When sellers and their sales teams know that the calls from the toll-free numbers or local numbers of your online marketplace outweigh the calls from social media campaigns and newspapers, deciding which ad campaign to invest in becomes an easy decision to make.

When sellers know the ROI from your marketplace, they usually decide to add more listings to your website.

Close More Deals

Don’t you find it a waste of time when contact center agents start talking about a service you’re not interested in?

Your buyers don’t like it either.

With the whisper message feature, sellers know exactly what the prospect is inquiring about before they even answer the call. For example, in the auto industry, if the caller wants to know about the deal offered on used Toyotas online, the seller will begin to talk to them about the Toyotas and not about the new stock of Teslas also being advertised in the paper.

Engagement that is direct and concise makes a caller happy, and happy callers mean increased sales.

Shortens call duration

As a result of the above, a call whisper saves you tons of time. Eliminating unnecessary dialogue and directly addressing a customer inquiry saves both the seller and the buyer tons of valuable time.

Keep a Permanent Record

In addition to the call whisper feature, missed call alerts can be integrated with an email or text message. When sellers miss an incoming call from a buyer on your marketplace, they can choose to receive an email and/or SMS alert to keep track of how many leads their business has received through your platform.

Managers can also use this data to analyze incoming lead patterns – separately, or in conjunction with their IVR data.

iovox Enterprise dashboard analytics

Improve Customer Service

Similarly to how Call Whispers work for new prospects, they can also be used for existing customers to increase customer satisfaction.


Unique virtual numbers can be assigned for each product. So when a customer calls, there is no need to take them through an automatic call distribution system like an IVR.

Support team members will know that incoming calls are about a specific product before they answer a call and can provide a better customer experience. This works well for companies of all sizes.


Now that you know all the benefits of whisper messages, where can you get the best call whisper solution for your business?

Call Whispers from iovoxCall Whispers from iovox come with a host of features that allow you to:

  • Set up unique whispers and alerts for each virtual number. You can create unique whispers for every listing.
  • Send emails or SMS alerts to a seller’s email address or phone number when they miss a call.
  • Access detailed tracking analytics of your calls through the iovox dashboard.

Details & Benefits

  • Add Call Whispers & Alerts so recipients know the source of the call instantly
  • Set up different whispers and alerts depending on the phone number
  • Send email or SMS alerts to customers if they’ve missed a lead call
  • Add new whispers individually via IOVOX Enterprise or through automated API requests
  • Access detailed call analytics data through IOVOX Enterprise Dashboard

Iovox specializes in providing whisper messaging to leaders in real estate, auto, and several other industries.

Iovox analytics allow you to monitor calls made to your listing’s tracking numbers. This helps you to keep track of any conversation that prospects and dealers have through your marketplace.

Iovox Call Whisper Case StudyWant a specific example of call whispers in action?

Check out this case study where Bertalan Halász, the CEO of JóAutók, Hungary’s first used car marketplace, describes how useful iovox call whispers were in improving his company’s sales.

JóAutók uses whisper messages, call tracking, and call management solutions to promote their business to dealers and to the customer community.

Build Trust with your SellersCall whispers and call tracking solutions let your sellers know the exact ROI of your marketplace. It helps them save time, close more deals, and gives buyers a better purchase experience.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Why not try out a free demo of the call whisper solution from iovox and experience it for yourself?

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