Abeille Assurances Saved on Their Costs and Got More Quality Leads

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Most businesses would be thrilled with a 20% reduction in costs combined with a simultaneous 20% increase in leads. That’s exactly what Abeille Assurances accomplished. Learn how this 180-year-old company transformed their digital programs to be more efficient and productive with call tracking solutions from iovox.

Our Interview with William Tran, Senior Transformation & Program Manager, Abeille Assurances

Q. Tell us about Abeille Assurances?

Abeille Assurances is a subsidiary of Aviva plc which is one of the leading insurers in Europe. We have 180 years of experience and are one of the most trusted brands in the industry when it comes to protecting families and personal and professional property. Given our size and reach as part of Aviva plc, we can serve customers in a variety of ways.

Q: What is your role in the company?

In my role, I’m working in the digital transformation team within Abeille Assurances and our goal is to make our site more than an information source, but also a destination to get a quotation or subscribe to an insurance policy for current and prospective customers.

Q: What was the challenge at Abeille Assurances?

Even though we’re a 180-year-old company, we are very forward thinking. Our digital channels and direct-to-customer relationships are a very important part of our growth strategy even though we are still somewhat new to digital compared to other industries. With that in mind, Abeille Assurances invested a lot of effort to build a self-serve platform and subscription website but still had some gaps with islands of offline (call centers and agencies) and online (traffic, conversion, and customer experience analysis) data.

We had to figure out how to bridge these gaps and provide a unified view of the experience of website visitors and the effectiveness of the digital platform conversions.

Q: What led you to choose iovox for your solution?

We started by sending out a global RFP to replace our historical supplier. For a new supplier to win our business, the solution had to be simple, but flexible enough to meet our criteria and of course our security standards and iovox did that. We found the Dynamic Number call tracking and WebCallBack solutions from iovox were the best fit to meet our needs and help us achieve our goals.

These products, when combined, contributed to our ability to have a holistic view of the customer journey and provide attribution of marketing campaigns that were converting on our offline channels. Once we had the data, we used it to design future campaigns to generate additional offline traffic and leads through our traffic and retargeting solutions.

Q: How did the implementation go?

The implementation for us was complex because of the coordination with our analytics (Adobe Analytics) and media platform (Double Click Manager) to make sure we had the attribution parameters defined properly so that the data presented to our management could be counted on to be reliable. We started the project with a 3-month pilot program for our major products. Once we saw the results from iovox, it was compelling for us to expand the project and roll out the same services to our other funnels.

Q: From a results perspective, how has the iovox solution worked for Abeille Assurances?

Despite the pandemic and the marketing investment slowdown the outcome was a success. In fact, using iovox we reduced costs by 20% and increased leads by 20%. The WebCallBack solution has been an important tool for us when it comes to customer engagement.

Despite the pandemic…using iovox we reduced costs by 20% and increased leads by 20%.

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