Virtual Mobile Call Center & Other Call Tracking Tools for Working from Home

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We know the evolving situation around the world is hurting businesses everywhere. At iovox we have call tracking tools, many of which are free, to help manage communication and mitigate costs. In this blog, you’ll discover new call tracking tools that might bring relief to you personally, or your business, including a special free offer.

  1. NEW – Virtual Mobile Call Center. Ideal for Work from Home *Beta version available now
  2. Secure Call Notes
  3. Missed Call Alerts
  4. Voicemail
  5. Call Forwarding and Whispers
  6. Free iovox Call Tracking Number and Service Credit valued at £50.00

Before we get started, we will refer to different services in this blog. The table below will help you understand which services apply to each.

FeatureEnterprise ServiceMobile AppWeb App
Mobile Call Center XX
Secure Call Notes XX
Missed Call AlertsXXX
Call ForwardingXXX
Call WhispersXXX
Free Tracking Number XX

Mobile Call Center:

For users of our new web and mobile application, we’ve designed a brand-new service to meet the needs of the current climate we are in.

If you’re working from home and sharing responsibility for answering calls for your business, we can set you up with a virtual call center that works with your mobile phone via our free mobile app.

The virtual call center is easily created from within our web app by selecting the Call Rule type, creating a queue, and adding registered iovox account users to the queue. Users added to queues will have the ability to make themselves present or unavailable in the queue just like a normal call center.

When a call comes in, the iovox technology selects the next available user to route the call to in a round robin distribution. All calls are visible to the person that creates the queue for their team, and they can tell if calls were answered, missed, and how long they lasted, among other things.

We have worked hard to make this powerful feature available to help businesses provide a high level of support to clients through employees who may now be working at home. A Beta Version is available now with updates being released on an ongoing basis.

The iovox mobile app is free to download and the web app is free to use.
You will need an iovox number to create your call rules.

Secure Call Notes:

If you are dealing with government agencies, insurance companies, landlords, etc., it’s easy to have an endless stream of phone calls and get bounced around from person to person trying to help you. Using our free mobile and web apps, you can label and take notes on important conversations, all of which are searchable.

call notes

When you take notes on a call in the iovox app, the app helps you keep a record of your conversation details, so that the next time that person calls, you have all the information you discussed last time, including a full log of every interaction with time stamps, notes, recordings and transcriptions* of what was said and what commitments were made. You also have an endless supply of secure storage to keep all your notes safe and sound for future reference.

Give your brain a break from remembering everything. Take notes. Search when needed.

The iovox apps are free to download and use for these features
*Recordings and Transcriptions are available on any call made to your iovox number, for non iovox numbers, recordings and transcriptions are available on Android 9 and below
Transcriptions are currently free. We will be implementing a cap of 60 free transcriptions down the road with a minimal charge for transcriptions made beyond the 60.

Missed Call Alerts:

Missing an important call can be harmful to your business. Missed call alerts make it easy for you and your team to take action fast on a missed opportunity. If you’re already using iovox for Enterprise, missed call alerts are a free feature, where you can be notified (or notify partners) via email or SMS if they miss an important call that requires follow up. SMS alerts is a free feature available to our enterprise customers and will be made available soon as well for mobile and web app users. To turn missed call alerts on in the iovox WebApp, toggle on the ‘perform action if unanswered’ setting, and make your selection from the dropdown.

Missed call alert

Missed call alerts are a free service for users of our enterprise system and WebApp.


Another free feature within the iovox enterprise, mobile, and web app services is the setup of voicemail services which deliver voicemail messages to email rather than your desk phone or mobile. Receive an alert, check your voicemails from anywhere and use the iovox apps to monitor and manage your calls.

Voicemail is free with an iovox number.

Call Forwarding and Whispers:

Not at your desk? Or Need to forward calls to different people on your team who are covering the phones? You can do that easily with the iovox Web app, as well as add Whispers to each call so if someone is in a work from home situation, they can easily distinguish a business call from a personal one when answering on their mobile phone.

In the Call Rules section of the iovox Web App you select the “Forward to an Individual” option. You can forward calls to any mobile, landline or country on the talk rates table.

Call forwarding

Call Whispers help when someone receives a call, he or she will hear a short, pre-recorded message of your choosing… for example, “This is a business call” before hearing the caller’s voice. This recorded whisper message takes three to five seconds and immediately lets you know details about the origin of the call. The person who dialed will continue to hear ringing on their line while the short message plays.

Call Whispers

Call Forwarding and Call Whispers are free services with an iovox number.

Free iovox Call Tracking Number and (£/$/€)20.00 Service Credit:

At iovox we want to help, use discount code WELCOME620 at checkout for one free iovox number for 6 months — valued at (£/$/€)30.00, plus (£/$/€)20.00 of service credit to any individual or business. Iovox numbers forward to your mobile phone, someone else’s mobile phone or a landline and act as a second line. If you need a second number in your city, or if you want to set up a number in another city so your family and loved ones can call you as though it were a local call, iovox numbers can help. Iovox numbers can currently be forwarded to mobiles and landlines in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Tap Here to Get Started. No Contracts. No strings attached.

Iovox numbers are a paid service, but the numbers are currently free to everyone for six months and include a £20.00 service credit.

As always, we are working around the clock to make sure our services continue to work as expected and are prioritizing features that are needed now.

*If you are currently an Enterprise customer of iovox, please Create a New Account to access the number and free credit.

If you have questions or need help in trying any of these services, contact us at or any of the numbers below.

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