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We’re big fans of marketplaces at iovox. We’re not professional investors like Bessemer Ventures, but we like this quote and tend to agree about the amazing power and market efficiencies that can be created when marketplaces reduce the friction between buyers and sellers.

“As investors, we believe that the best business model ever conceived could be the marketplace model. Because marketplaces benefit from powerful network effects – supply and demand follow each other – it’s often a high-stakes battle for leadership: when one marketplace achieves undisputed leadership, it can generate huge profits, retain customers and keep competitors at bay.”
Bessemer Ventures

We love marketplaces because we love helping businesses run more profitably and deliver better services to their sellers but also their end user purchasers. It’s our experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands that despite the browsing that might occur in a marketplace, there’s often a phone call involved in closing the sale.

Did you know, the conversion rate of inbound calls is between 30 to 50 percent, while web leads convert at 2 percent? If you’re a marketplace who doesn’t think you can properly track calls, thus have given up on trying, well guess again. There’s no reason to miss out, and the sooner your business embraces the fact that phone calls convert the sooner you can prove your business was attributed to those sales.

Marketplaces exist to make life easier. They help people searching for what they need, from the perfect car to a forever home.

In today’s market, people have options – which is why companies like Zoopla and Auto Trader exist. They show you every possible option of the item you are searching for. They seek to provide quality, relevant, easy to compare, and even easier to purchase listings. For example, if you’ve ever listed a car, you know the process can be time consuming and overwhelming. Oftentimes you are posting the same car to multiple sites. So how would you, or the marketplace, know which platform closed the deal? That’s where we come in.

iovox provides unique, local, numbers that erase any confusion on where calls are coming from. As soon as the phone rings, the data is recorded.

How it works:

When the iovox number is called, the phone call is sent directly to the lister and the call data is stored conveniently in your own customizable dashboard. This dashboard data will help you prove your effectiveness, understand call patterns and trends, and optimize performance.

If you want to see which city or area is generating the most calls, we have that. Our dashboard provides the location of the caller and tells you your busiest time of day.

Are you looking to define how your customers found your marketplace listing? The information is there for you, iovox dashboards give you channel attribution. This give customers actionable data.

Call Tracking Call Analytics for a marketplace

Additionally, if you’re seeking a sure-fire way to prove your marketplace value, call whispers will tell your customers that your marketplace was directly responsible for the lead. You can also send SMS or email messages to alert customers if they’ve missed a call and add new whispers as needed. That’s why call whispers are the perfect solution to provide proof of attribution.

Now that your customers know you’re the provider of these hot leads, you can show them the exact volume of calls you’re bringing in. Higher call volume equals more revenue, making iovox the obvious answer for marketplaces looking to grow.

A major concern for anyone putting out a personal phone number on a public forum is the loss of anonymity. Nobody wants unwanted calls bothering their day. If you’re concerned about spam callers, we are too. That’s why we provide secure phone numbers and spam filters.

Spam filters allow marketplaces to ensure pesky phone calls do not make it to listers. iovox recognizes numbers up to no good and cuts out the calls don’t count, protecting your customers from the randomness and allowing them to efficiently vet inquires. No more annoying and unnecessary calls. Just total peace of mind. As soon as the item is sold, listers can turn the iovox phone number off and they will no longer receive the calls for that listing.

Call Filters for marketplace call tracking

If you’re ready to drive more quality leads and increase revenue for your marketplace business. Contact iovox today.

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