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Who needs a trip to the mall or the big city when from the convenience of your home you can interact with a virtual personal shopper? Like many changes that have come upon us since the pandemic began, you can bet that retailers are making moves to follow the lead of those in the industry who are making online shopping a more interactive and personalized experience. Some examples of these real time solutions are: Lululemon with online virtual personal shopping educators, Amazon live where hosts engage with shoppers in the moment through live chat, and BoConcepts virtual interior design styling sessions. Retailers are looking for new ways to connect with their eager buyers in real time. Keep reading because we are discussing how a new customer interaction solution from iovox can help retailers (or any business that wants to interact with buyers), generate more connections, phone leads and thrive in this new business landscape.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

This has never been truer than in the era of COVID-19. For retailers to survive the pandemic, it requires a new level of creativity and experimentation, and adapting to new technology. This is especially true in traditional retailing where face to face interaction is not permissible as highlighted in this piece by Blake Morgan in Forbes called “Dark Stores Are the Future of Post-Pandemic Retail.”

What is a retailer to do? In an another article titled “Retailers Shift to Virtual Personal Shopping Appointments”, Erin Dollar covers the stories of ceramic, jewelry and fabric artists who have taken up the practice of virtual appointments with customers. Not just for the realm of boutique artists, but big brands like Lululemon have embraced the idea that technology can be used to provide a high touch service experience with “digital educators” without the customer ever stepping foot into a store.

This is not a ‘get-by’ strategy until the pandemic becomes a memory, but rather an answer that was needed during these unprecedented times and a trend we can expect to continue to see from large and small retailers.

iovox fits into this picture as an empowering agent of instant conversations, communications solutions, and a provider of analytics about the shopping journey taken by the prospective client. How?

iovox enables communication and makes that communication data helpful and valuable to businesses. For retailers looking to turn website visitors into buyers, there are two new solutions from iovox that are easily implemented, which empower visitors to move from “interest” to “action” by removing communication barriers. Not only are the communication barriers improved, but you also gain insights into the products or services your visitors are interested in purchasing.

The first iovox service that can make your site stand out is iovox WebCallBack. The iovox WebCallBack service enables companies to create immediate phone connections with visitors browsing their site. This iovox technology was recently implemented by Europe’s #1 Cloud provider, OVHcloud. You can read the case study here. The implementation of WebCallBack increases phone lead generation 20-35% from companies that have deployed this technology from iovox.

OVHcloud WebCallBack

WebCallBack is easy to deploy, requiring only the introduction of a JavaScript snippet and some basic set up of design and availability schedules to display the WebCallBack feature on your website.

OVHcloud WebCallBack implementation

The second solution from iovox is called iovox WebConnect which uses WebRTC technology to enable a real time dialogue. The “RTC” is for Real Time Communications and when deployed with the iovox call tracking and analytics solutions it is a powerful new method for retailers (or any business) to increase opportunities for engagement with prospective buyers visiting your site. With a simple insertion of a JavaScript snippet iovox WebConnect enables visitors browsing your site to initiate instant communications with your company.

When a visitor initiates a call on your website, the call can be routed to:

  • A phone number you designate
  • A SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) connection commonly used by call centers and VOIP providers
  • A PC, tablet, or mobile phone with the iovox WebConnect software installed

If you are operating a call center, calls can be sent directly to the traditional call queue for handling. If you’re a retailer and you have a concierge, digital educator or personal shopper, calls can be routed to a mobile phone, landline, tablet, or computer of the personal shopper all while maintaining the privacy of the personal shopper’s phone number.

What is great about iovox WebConnect is that it will soon handle video calls as well. In the retail example, if your personal shopper is using a tablet to answer calls, they can show the customer the merchandise being considered and have a highly interactive experience. Additionally, you will know exactly what merchandise the web visitor was reviewing before they made the call, enabling virtual personal shoppers to be prepared to answer questions about specific products.

Web RTC with iovox

For retailers looking to personalize virtual shopping, or any company looking to improve lead generation from web visitors, the benefits of removing communication barriers and empowering visitors to take action are impressive.

iovox WebConnect:

  1. Can be enabled on any website with a simple Javascript snippet
  2. Calls can be initiated from any web browser, mobile or otherwise
  3. There is no charge for international callers since web browsers are used to make the call
  4. No new phone numbers are needed, and phone numbers aren’t disclosed
  5. Extremely versatile and can enable voice calls, video calls, and text chat
  6. Perfect attribution – details regarding the page the person is on are sent through when they use the service
  7. Flexible – The person receiving the call can take it from anywhere
  8. Enhances the customer experience with a rich method of information sharing
  9. Highly secure

Business is anything but ‘usual’ right now and thriving in this environment requires new ways of looking at how we engage with our current and future customers.

If you’d like to know if this technology is a fit for your company, we’d love to set up a demo and show you how easy it is to implement.

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Take care, stay safe, and happy shopping!

Team iovox.

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