How iovox Boosts Your Real Estate Call Capture Success

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If you’re a realtor, chances are you spend a lot of money on ads on Zillow and other real estate platforms. But are you getting your money’s worth from them?

With iovox, you’re able to track where your inbound calls are coming from, so you can identify your top-performing ads and determine your ROI (return on investment).

Iovox’s real estate call capture solution helps capture all your call data, and optimizes and organizes your call activities, to boost performance and improve customer service.

Here’s a detailed look at how this tool can instantly boost your real estate call capture success:

  1. Iovox Inbound Enterprise
    Iovox’s inbound enterprise tool is the perfect solution for real estate agents and businesses who want to optimize their ROI on ads and improve their lead generation processes. With tons of top-of-the-line features, iovox gives you everything you need to convert quality leads and meet your real estate call capture goals.


    1. Identify Your Top Performing Platforms With Call Whispers
      Most real estate agents and agencies employ multi-channel marketing campaigns for lead generation. The logic is simple – the more platforms you target, the larger your audience will be.


      However, certain lead generation platforms and ads will perform better than others.

      How do you identify your best-performing lead source?

      With iovox’s call whispers.

      Call whispers let you know where your calls are coming from so that you can identify your top-performing ads and marketing platforms. Whenever a customer calls a platform-specific real estate hotline, estate agents will hear a message saying – “This call is from X Marketplace.”

      call whispers

      With call whispers, you can identify any underperforming platforms or ads and cut them from your ad spend. Conversely, you can invest more in your top-performing platforms because of their superior ROI.

    2. Use A Unique Virtual Toll-Free Number To Justify Ad Spend
      For call whispers to work, you’ll need a unique, virtual, local or toll-free phone number for each of your platforms or ads.


      Think about it.

      You can’t receive different whispers for each platform/ad if they all have the same number, right?

      Luckily, you can use iovox to set up unique, virtual, local numbers or a toll-free number for each of your platforms to identify your best performing marketing platforms.

      iovox numbers

      For example, you can set up a unique number for your Facebook Ads listing or Google AdWords campaign to track how well it’s doing. You can compare the data from them with your social media, Zillow or real estate website metrics to see which campaigns are working best.

      Call whispers allow you to know where a call is coming from the moment you receive it, conversely the unique, virtual, local numbers or toll-free numbers allow you to analyze and compare data between platforms at your convenience.

    3. Record and Transcribe Your Calls
      Wish your real estate call discussions were as easy to log as emails?


      With iovox Inbound Enterprise, they are!

      Instead of relying on notes and memory to remember property and prospect information, iovox lets you record your calls. You can use these recordings as ready references for your buyer leads to follow-up on what they needed.

      You can even use real-time analysis and keyword spotting to track outcomes and track your ROI. You can also examine call patterns, trends and keywords to create a better lead magnet and calls to action on your IDX website.

      However, that isn’t all.

      Iovox can also automatically transcribe these recordings into shareable real estate text documents.

      The best way to use these transcriptions?

      A listing agent can add it to their CRM to create and keep detailed records of interactions with their buyer leads.

    4. Use iovox’s Analytics To Measure Your ROI
      Iovox comes with powerful analytics and reports to better understand your company’s performance.


      With iovox you’ll get access to detailed information over multiple inbound and outbound call data points, such as:

      • missed calls
      • peak times of the day
      • geolocation of buyer leads
      • most popular listings/homes
      • effectiveness of real estate marketing campaigns

      All these metrics help you to analyze your lead capture success and track your ROI. It’s also a great way to take stock of your lead management system. You can use this data to tailor your real estate marketing campaigns to generate leads more efficiently.

      Rest API

    5. Use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) To Help Callers Help Themselves
      Iovox lets you implement IVR for better lead management. Callers can use the IVR to specify the option they want, and the system will re-route them to the appropriate agents and brokers.


      For example, you can set up an answering service where potential clients:

      • Press 1 if they’re interested in purchasing a listing.
      • Press 2 if they’re interested in leasing a listing.

      This automatically routes visitors to the right agent to address their concerns effectively.

      call routing IVR

      The major benefit of this?

      Your real estate agents won’t ever have to deal with homebuyers interested in real estate listings they don’t handle!

  2. Iovox App for Mobile Devices
    The iovox mobile app is the perfect companion to the Inbound Enterprise solution.


    It’ll help you organize and streamline your work processes to boost your conversion rates and generate more leads in no time. As this app runs on mobile devices, you can access all this functionality on-the-go!

    1. Instantly Organize Your Customer Data
      What’s one of the biggest challenges in dealing with leads and referrals on a daily basis?


      Remembering and logging their contact information.

      Keeping track of multiple home buyers, lessors, renters, sellers or real estate investors, without a proven system in place to help you instantly log and organize leads, presents challenges. But with the right tools, logging customer data becomes effortless. With the iovox app for mobile devices, you can add tags and notes to every call for easy organization.

      1. In-App Call Notes
        Iovox lets you add notes to a contact’s profile within the app itself. The app also allows you to type these notes while you’re on call with your real estate leads. You won’t have to open a new file or folder to log this information – it’s stored alongside each particular contact for easy access.


        call notes

      2. Call Tags and Searches
        Iovox lets you tag every outbound and inbound call with keywords to categorize the lead.


        For example, you can tag a contact as “3bdrmhomes” and “near school” – to easily identify that this contact is looking for three-bedroom homes and hoping to find a property nearby the local elementary school.

        The tags pop up every time your contacts call your mobile- making it super easy to identify what a caller is calling about.

        call tags

        With iovox’s search feature, you can skim your contact list for real estate leads interested in the same thing.

        For example, if there’s a new commercial real estate property on the market, you can search in your iovox app for “commercial” and all the real estate leads tagged with “commercial” will pop up. This lead management feature helps you find the best matches for your properties on your mobile instantly!

        call search

      3. Flags and Reminders
        Iovox lets you add flags to your contacts in a similar way that you flag an email for follow up later. Push notifications and email reminders can be added to any flagged call by adding a due date and time to help you follow through with your next steps.
    2. Seamlessly Integrate Your Data With Your CRM
      So you’ve logged notes, added tags to calls and transcribed calls – but if that data isn’t easily accessible or shareable, it’s less useful, right?


      Luckily, iovox can seamlessly integrate with CRMs like Zoho to instantly transfer your data to where it’s most valuable. Connect your Zoho CRM account with the iovox app and click share – all your mobile data that you choose will be neatly categorized and stored inside your CRM. It’s as simple as logging data from capture forms for your website visitors.

      Only the calls you choose will get shared into Zoho CRM, the iovox app enables users to easily separate personal and work calls.

      crm integration

    3. Collaborate Effectively With Fellow Real Estate Professionals
      Keeping a team of real estate professionals on the same page is not always easy. Continuously keeping each team member up-to-date with current details and next steps can require a lot of effort.


      The problem with a manual approach is that it’s impractical, error-prone and time-consuming.

      At times it’s easy to miscommunicate and leave some estate agents out of the loop.

      With iovox however, your real estate brokerage firm won’t have to worry about any of that.

      1. Share Call Details
        Iovox lets you instantly share call details with your team of real estate professionals. You can share notes, call duration and contact details to quickly keep everyone updated on everything.


        You can also:

        • Share details with contact groups you’ve created.
        • Share details with individual team members.
        • Share details with non-iovox users like partner estate agents.
      2. Comment On Developments
        Iovox allows you to comment on workflow threads in the app as well. Group commenting on call threads makes it easy for your team to stay informed and keep up with your real estate pipeline.
      3. Instantly Assign Tasks
        The iovox app also lets you assign tasks to team members following a call. For example, if you would like a team member to reconcile client data with lead capture forms for your web visitors, assign the task to them through the app and they’ll receive a notification and subsequent reminders of it via the app or in email.


        assign tasks

Iovox inbound enterprise and the mobile app are the perfect tools to analyze your real estate marketing campaigns, help capture leads and boost your real estate call capture success.

Why waste time and money on an imperfect sales generation idea when you can simply verify your ROI and focus instead on your more profitable platforms?

Using iovox’s analytics, you can optimize your property website and listings to boost sales in no time. Whether for commercial real estate or family homes, iovox has the perfect call capture technology for all real estate industry professionals.

There’s no denying that iovox is a proven market leader in the real estate industry.

For the best solutions to capture and manage calls and leads, track your ROI from ads and much more click here to request a free demo of the enterprise solution and sign up here for the mobile app today.

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