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There’s an entire industry of lead generation gurus that will give you a list of steps to follow when it comes to improving lead conversion from your website. Here at iovox, we have learned a lot from our smart customers, and in this blog we share how something as simple as a button can help you close more deals, particularly if you’re selling a high involvement item.

As a marketer, if your job is to sell a product or service that typically involves a phone call with the buyer before they purchase, you should strongly consider adding iovox WebConnect to your site.

Let us tell you why.

You’ve spent good money on site design and SEO research, you’ve got your Google certifications, your opt-in enabled for form fills, and are ready to start impressing your management team and sales leaders with more leads than they can handle.

You flip the switch on your campaigns and your traffic skyrockets – initially, but you’re still not getting the yield you expected.

What’s going on?

Your management team starts asking more intense questions and suddenly the sales leadership team has conveniently forgotten your birthday.

Panic sets in.

Can one button change all this that’s not the Panic Button?

Don't Panic!

The magic button you may be missing is the iovox WebConnect button.

What is WebConnect and why should it matter to a savvy marketer or business owner?

In an article titled “In Defense of the Popup” it’s clearly detailed that over 90% of website visitors don’t buy on their first visit.

In fact, if you’re selling something considered a high involvement purchase (something expensive or that will impact the buyer in such a way that they want all the details before they buy), the person browsing your site, may simply be in the research phase of their purchase consideration process.

Items that could be considered “high involvement” include things like cars, homes, legal or financial services, home appliances, high end computers or mobile phones, healthcare services…and the list goes on.

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What do most of us do when we have a high involvement purchase?

According to statistics, most of us make at least one phone call to speak to an expert before buying.

If your job is to sell a product or service that typically involves a phone call with the buyer before they purchase, you should strongly consider adding an iovox WebConnect button to your site.


It’s the fastest path with the least amount of friction to a direct 1:1 engagement with your prospective customers.

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Just like popups for form fills, iovox WebConnect buttons are easily added to any location on your website and give a curious person who is researching your company direct access to your sales, support, or product specialists with the simple tap of a button. No numbers to write down, just tap and talk.

iovox WebConnect

When 70% of purchase decisions are made to solve a specific problem, creating opportunities for potential buyers to speak to someone with authority and expertise with your products or services will help you close more high involvement deals.

Since WebConnect buttons can be placed on any webpage, one option to consider is strategic placement next to things like specifications sheets and case studies, or near the details on your site where qualified buyers would be spending their time before making a final decision.

In addition to the benefit of a “tap and talk” direct 1:1 engagement with a prospective buyer, as a marketer, you also get the analytics of the caller’s journey on your website before they made the call. This level of added intelligence can help you redesign site flow, or help you figure out where might be the optimal placement for a WebConnect button to maximize engagement.

Since an iovox WebConnect button can be pointed at any call flow you wish (IVR, straight to an individual, or even sent to one or multiple mobile phones), you also get the benefit of other iovox features such as Call Whispers, Call Recording, and Speech Analytics. These added features enable you to replay your best (and worst) call outcomes and then optimize sales training and scripts accordingly. With iovox Keyword Spotting available with our Speech Analytics service, you’re able to set the system up to trigger alerts that inform you when certain phrase matches are made. This level of end-to-end call data and visibility gives your marketing efforts a massive boost.

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