The Power of Search, for Phone Calls

Just like using keywords to search for email, iovox enables you to do the same with all of your calls. Search on telephone numbers, names, tags, or specific keywords you may used in your notes.

Flexible search terms

Search your entire call history by name, number, tags, or notes taken.

All your calls, ever.

Unlimited history, not just the last few interactions on your phone.

View detailed results

See call duration and even the map location where you made the call.

How do I search through interactions?

With iovox, searching your call history is a snap. Just type in someone's name, number, or notes that you may have taken on a prior call. We’ll do the rest and deliver a history of your search term. There’s no memory limit, so we can pull call records for you for calls you made days, months, or years ago (assuming you’ve been a user for years!).

Who can benefit from call search?

Anyone who wants a more powerful way to search call history for work and personal use.

In the Real World... Tackle high call volume

Buying or selling a home is a big life event and most people wouldn't imagine doing so without their trusty realtor. If you’re a realtor, the phone is your best friend when it comes to interacting with clients. You make and receive lots of calls. How do you keep it all straight?

Find vital information

Let's say you're talking to a young family that is moving into the area with very specific price points in mind. You’ve made notes of their interests using iovox and three weeks later you hear through your office that a new listing is coming on to the market, but you can't remember the name of the potential buyer who wanted a house in that price point.

Search keywords

Using iovox, you tap in a few search terms like "Buyer" "$500-750k" and in seconds you have a record of every phone call you’ve made or received where you interacted with people that fit your search terms. That's powerful time saving.

The Power of Search for Phone Calls.

Getting started is free and easy. We'll even send you the download link.

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There's much more to iovox than search

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