Tag Calls for Simple Searching

A tag is simply a label for a call. Adding a tag to a call gives you the ability to search your call history to find notes associated with any call that has that tag.

Organize your calls

Organize calls for easy search and eliminate wondering when you last spoke about a certain topic.

Search a complete archive

Combined with notes, tags let you keep a searchable history of the conversation.

Use for multiple purposes

Powerful for work as well as personal calls. Desktop and Mobile.

How do I add a tag to a call?

Using iovox, when the call ends press the tag button, type the name of the tag you’d like to assign to the call, and press done. Simple and efficient. There’s no limit to how many tags you can have and you can assign multiple tags to the same call for ease of search.

Who can benefit from call tags?

If you’ve ever wanted to search your call history for the last time you called someone or how long you spoke or what you talked about, call tags are perfect for you.

In the Real World... Tag Every Client

For example, if you’re a traveling consultant, you may have a tag for every client. Let's say you’re on a call at the airport talking about the project with BigCo Enterprises, one of your best clients. When the call ends, you can tag the call as 'BigCo'. Then, at the end of the month you can search for all calls with BigCo and tally up the hours spent on this client’s project – thanks to the quick and easy use of call tagging.

Search your call history

When you need to go back and search for the call where you and the client agreed on modifications to the project – iovox call tagging will point you right to the details.

Organize important calls

We realize not everyone is a traveling consultant, but what about calls with your boss on a project, or an investment you are considering, or a home improvement project you are coordinating with multiple vendors? These call types can have a tag of their own and if you ever want to refer back to a call, just search on that tag.

Call tagging with iovox takes seconds, but will save you hours.

Getting started is free and easy. We'll even send you the download link.

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There's much more to iovox than tags

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