Best Real Estate CRM Software: Top 12 Tools (Reviews and Pricing)

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Searching for the best real estate CRM for your business? Or curious about how a CRM can help grow your real estate business? In this article, we investigate how to choose a CRM, how a CRM can boost your revenue and we highlight 12 of the leading CRM systems in the real estate industry today.

According to this report from ActiveRain, real estate agents generating more than $100,000 annually, invest 22% more on their CRM systems than agents earning less than $35,000.

It becomes immediately clear – a solid real estate CRM, utilized correctly can give you a massive advantage over your competitors.

But how exactly does CRM software help? And how can you know which one is right for you when there are hundreds of CRMs on the market?
Let’s break it down.

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What Is CRM Software?
What does CRM do?

How can CRM For Real Estate Help you?
What issues does it solve?

How to Choose the right CRM Software For Real Estate
A 3-step process for choosing the right CRM

Top 12 Real Estate CRM Tools:

Details of key features and benefits, recommended for whom, pricing, and more.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software is a sales tool that:

  • Enables the storing of information about prospects and customers.
  • Tracks leads, and lead sources through ‘direct input’ or automatically integrates them with your marketing tools.
  • Maintains a detailed record of all the sales activities and interactions of each of your sales team members.
  • Lets you see your leads at the different stages of your sales funnel.
  • Uses tools to help brokers as well as agents, become increasingly more productive.

How can CRM For Real Estate Help you?

We’re certain that a customer relationship management tool can help you close MORE deals – FASTER.

The Real Estate industry is essentially all about sales. With most of an agents week dedicated to lead generation, prospect pitches, sales meetings , open houses, and closing deals.

Sales teams across all industries rely heavily on CRMs to manage their sales pipelines, however, many real estate agents run their business without a CRM tool.

According to a 2013 study, 30% of agents believed that CRM tools were an “unnecessary investment.”

As we pointed out at the start, real estate agents who earn $100k and more use CRM tools. So if you do not yet have dedicated CRM software to manage your customer information and client relationships, there are a few drawbacks you and your team are likely to face down the road or may already be dealing with.

Drawbacks of not using a CRM

Issue 1 – Too Many Tasks

Agents and brokers have a million tasks on their plate.

Agents juggle between handling existing leads, setting up meetings with prospective buyers, organizing open houses, preparing contracts, developing marketing plans, closing transactions and dozens of other tasks.

Without a clear process and a tool to help keep track, it can become quite the challenge to remember things like:

  • Who do I have to follow up with today?
  • Who is the best match for this property that just came up in the market?
  • Which leads should I focus on this week?
  • Who should I invite to this open house?

As a result:

  • Agents risk wasting valuable time trying to figure out what to do instead of actually getting real work done. It’s better to focus on being the most PRODUCTIVE that you can instead of just busy.
  • Tasks run the risk of slipping through the cracks, which increases the possibility of losing out on super important deals.

How CRM helps:

A CRM system for real estate keeps track of everything that you have done up until this point for every client and then generates the next steps that are needed.

Issue 2 – Forgetting or Losing Vital Information

Realistically, very few agents have the ability to remember all of the important details about each one of their clients as well as pertinent information from the many conversations that go back and forth.

Unless you have a photographic memory, just like the rest of us you are bound to forget important details while speaking with your client, worse yet, you might confuse them with someone else!

How a CRM helps:

CRM systems store vital information about your clients:

  • Detailed requirements of the property they want to buy or rent. The preferred number of rooms, preferred locations, etc.
  • Personal information about family members that may play a big role in the decision-making process. For instance, the ages of the children in the family, the location of the workplace of the buyers or if they work from home? Etc.
  • Other personal details to help maintain great relationships such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays celebrated or not celebrated, favorite vacation spots, distance and location of extended family, pets’ names and so on.

Effective CRM solutions help you to:

  1. Capture details quickly and easily.
  2. Store and edit records that are accessible in real time and on the go.

The iovox app is an app that we love, it allows you to take an impressive array of call notes such as tags, flags and keywords, within the app while still on the call.

You can take notes after the call as well, record voice notes, record your call and transcribe your calls into text for personal use, email, sharing or search at a later date.

iovox call notes(source:

The Notes feature is a great reminder tool that can continue to improve your relationship with your client even after the deal is complete. After all, if your client loved working with you, you will be the first person they think of when a friend, family member or co-worker is looking to buy!

Issue 3 – Missing Out On Important Online Opportunities

In a 2017 study by the National Association of Realtors it was revealed that 99% of millennials browse for properties online.

That means that your real estate website could be receiving visits from several prospects right now!

How you collect and manage these inbound leads from your website, listings and ads can mean a lot to your bottom line.

Speed is paramount when dealing with new leads. If your response time is delayed even by a few hours, you run the risk of losing out to competitors who have similar listings but more immediate responses.

How a CRM helps:

CRM software integrates with lead capturing tools on your website. It automatically captures real estate leads and organizes them into a database. Effective CRM solutions will automatically push these leads to agents on your team so that your agents can quickly connect with the leads by phone or email.

Issue 4 – Not Getting Enough Referrals

The top real estate performers share the ability to maintain important connections.

Consider these statistics:

  1. 75% of an agent’s business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth.
  2. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of marketing.
  3. 5x the number of agents in the real estate industry have success with referrals over purchasing leads.

This brings up the question of how can you get referrals at scale? Staying in touch with former clients is great but it’s also a lot of work considering real estate agents are already some of the busiest people.

How a CRM helps:

CRM software has features to help you automate and manage a large portion of the process of maintaining relationships with your clients. Effective CRMs let you use the right blend of automation and personal touch to get the most referrals. More about this in the upcoming reviews.

How to Choose the right CRM Software For Real Estate:There are hundreds of real estate CRM systems on the market. How do you decide which system will be the most effective for your business?

Online browsing for the ‘best real estate CRM tools’ is potentially not the most effective use of your time and reading product descriptions on company websites can take forever and potentially leave you more confused.

Instead, we would like to suggest this three-step decision-making process:

Step 1- Identify Your Goals

What do you hope to accomplish with CRM software?


  • Increase lead generation
  • Track your sales pipeline
  • Keep on top of client relationships
  • Upsell existing clients
  • Create and maintain a well-organized and user-friendly database

Once you have a general idea of what you hope to accomplish, browsing through the features of a CRM tool is the next step, checking to see if what they have to offer matches up with your wants and needs. Below we have a list of the top 12 CRM systems available on the market and we break down their features and prices.

Marketing FeaturesAsk yourself if you want a CRM tool that has built-in marketing features?

Historically, mid-sized and large brokerages usually choose independent marketing platforms. However, independent brokers and smaller teams can do very well with a CRM tool that also has marketing features.

Step 2 – Define your Automation needs

Automating as many things as possible is one of the ways to grow your real estate business fast.

Routine tasks like adding new leads to your database, sending follow-up email messages and scheduling tasks can all be automated.

TIME-SAVING TIP: Make a list of your daily tasks – then find out which ones can be completely automated.

An Effective CRM should be able to free up at least an hour of your time each day – giving you that hour to reach out to new clients, work on your marketing campaigns or meet with clients face to face.

Step 3 – Set aside a budget

According to a 2013 HubSpot survey, 19% of real estate professionals didn’t have a CRM because they were considered to be expensive.

However, as of 2018 that’s no longer the case. Now there are many CRM options available that are designed specifically for smaller real estate brokerages or individual realtors.

Take a moment to write down how much you think you would realistically spend on something that could save you an hour a day, and save it for later in this article where we break down the costs.

Top 12 Real Estate CRM tools reviewed

Taking into account price, accessibility, new technology, user interface, and agent reviews, here are 12 of the top real estate CRM software systems that we think can help you manage, automate and grow your business:

  1. REsimpli is the definitive tool for Real Estate Investors, combining an array of functionalities that revolutionize the investment process.

    List and Lead Management

    Efficient lead management is the backbone of any successful real estate venture, and REsimpli excels in this.

    Through list stacking, motivated leads and vacant properties are at your fingertips. Additionally, the system adeptly uncovers motivations in potential investments.

    REsimpli screenshot

    Drip Campaigns

    Regular communication can be the difference-maker. Craft and manage Automated drip campaigns with REsimpli using SMS, RVM (Ringless Voicemails), Direct Mail, Email to ensure no leads fall through the Crack.

    REsimpli screenshot

    Cash Buyer Management

    Navigating cash buyer relationships is made easy. It let you assign tasks, share files, and streamline buyer communications. Moreover, its efficient filters ensure you connect with ideal buyers swiftly. Have a property you want to sell? Send a text or email blast to all buyers and close that deal!

    REsimpli screenshot

    SEO Optimized Website

    Stand out with an impactful online presence. REsimpli’s fully-integrated SEO-optimized websites are a boon for investors. Beyond aesthetics, they’re built for functionality and prompt online lead engagement. Use effective Lead Intake forms, customize your design, testimonials and more!

    REsimpli screenshot

    More Than Just the Basics

    While the aforementioned features are highlights, REsimpli offers so much more. From comprehensive user dashboards, built-in phone systems, and even E-sign features for legal agreements – there’s a vast range of tools designed for every nuanced need of real estate investing.


    • Comprehensive lead and list management.
    • Customizable drip campaigns.
    • Efficient cash buyer tools.
    • SEO-optimized investor websites.
    • A plethora of additional features catering to every investor’s requirement.

    Recommended For

    Individual real estate investors to extensive investment teams.


    Web, Android, and iOS.


    The Basic plan starts at just $99/month to $749/month. Visit REsimpli

  2. Zoho Real Estate CRM

    Zoho screenshot(source:

    Zoho CRM is one of the most widely used CRMs in the world. Zoho also has a powerful dedicated real estate CRM module.

    Sales Funnel VisualizationZoho CRM’s visual interface allows you to:

    • Identify all key sales figures at a glance
    • Create sales funnels with all the metrics you desire – like new leads, qualified leads, leads under negotiation, etc.
    • Keep track of your sales funnel
    • Measure the efficiency of your sales process through the analytics

    Zoho analytics(source:

    BlueprintThe Blueprint features help you create a fixed system that your sales team can follow when dealing with potential home buyers.

    It’s possible to set terms and conditions for each process and ensure that the steps have been met.

    Built-in Email ClientWithout a CRM tool, you might be using multiple applications (email, text, phone calls) to handle your communication with you team and with clients. Searching backwards within all those emails and messages can become a daunting task.

    Zoho CRM improves communication with clients and helps maintain strong relationships. It does this by keeping all your email communication with your clients organized and in one place. Zoho CRM allows you to browse through your email inboxes within the CRM tool.

    Zoho email(source:

    Gauging Interest and Follow UpsWhen you send emails about hot new properties to your leads you might not receive many replies. This does not automatically mean that your leads don’t want your services or aren’t interested in the properties. An average person receives around 121 emails a day, which means it’s vital to follow up.

    How can you know when is the right time to send that follow-up email? And to which leads?

    Zoho’s CRM system helps you track your emails to know if:

    • The emails have been opened
    • They inform you on email click-through rates
    • They inform you on click through rates on links within your emails, etc.

    These analytics can help you gauge interest in your services and whether or not to send that follow-up email.

    With Zoho real estate CRM, you can create multiple email templates and through the analytics you can identify which emails have the highest open and click-through rates. This data helps to improve the timing and impact of your email communication campaigns.

    Zia Voice AssistantAlways on the move?

    The Zoho mobile app comes with Zia, voice assistant feature.

    Bring up important stats like leads, client status, and revenue. You can even ask Zia to schedule calls.

    Zoho CRM(source:


    • Comprehensive reporting features
    • Offers powerful features at a low cost
    • Free business email ID

    Recommended ForMedium to Large real estate sales teams.

    PlatformsWindows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

    PricingPrice ranges from $12/user/month to $100/user/month. Zoho also offers a 14 day free trial period.

  3. iovox

    iovox analytics dashboard

    According to Placester, 22% of real estate agents believe that the smartphone is their most important tool.

    And for good reasons. Many Real estate agents and brokers make and receive phone calls all day long.

    iovox helps organize and manage all your mobile phone call data. It functions as a standalone real estate CRM or integrates with other CRMs.

    How can iovox help you?

    iovox for independent brokersFor individuals running real estate businesses who don’t need the complexities of full-feature CRM solutions, iovox can function as a FREE standalone CRM.

    iovox for brokerages and real estate teamsFor larger brokerages, iovox functions as an add-on to CRM systems by automatically capturing phone calls and sending vital details to your CRM via customized integrations.

    How iovox WorksEvery phone call that happens includes valuable information about your clients’ requirements, wish lists, levels of interest, priority and so on.

    The drawback of most CRMs that are on the market is that agents and brokers need to log data into the CRM system manually, usually after the call or meeting. Doing this can be seen as something ‘extra’ that you’ll get to later. But the to-do list is long and later sometimes never comes. Getting these important details into a tool for search at a later date is paramount to future successes and iovox makes it super easy. Unlogged data truly can cost you deals.

    Iovox automates this process – saving you time, as well as ensuring your data gets captured every time.

    Here’s how…

    Zoho CRM (and other CRMs) Integration

    iovox Zoho integration

    You can integrate iovox with Zoho and other CRMs to have all your call data and details transferred automatically. No need to manually enter details of your phone calls with clients.

    Link your Zoho CRM credentials to the iovox app. When you finish a call on your mobile phone, your call records, any notes you made as well as tags, keywords and flags automatically get transferred to your CRM.

    Use Call Tags to Organize Your CallsLet’s use the example of a prospect calling you asking for a five-bedroom house with a pool. At the time you don’t have any matching listings. You don’t note down the requirement right away, expecting to do it later. A few days, or weeks later you find the perfect house and want to notify that prospect.


    You can’t recall exactly who had called, despite having saved their number. You scroll through your contacts trying to remember who it was that wanted the five-bedroom house with the pool. Your phone’s call history usually has a limited number of records, so you might not be able to retrieve them in call history either because you’ve had too many calls since then.

    This can be easily avoided with the iovox Call Tagging feature.

    iovox call tagging

    Tag every phone call with keywords about prospects’ requirements. For example, you can tag your prospect’s call with – “5 bedroom” and “pool”.

    When you do find a property that matches the requirement – use the search function to find the call with the pool tag and reconnect with your prospect.

    You can use an unlimited number of tags. Some helpful tags for residential realtors include:

    • Desired location
    • Pets allowed
    • Budget range
    • Level of urgency – low, medium or high

    Sales PipelineWithin iovox you can also use tags and search to organize your prospects and calls. For example, use tags to create a sales pipeline and use search to find all calls that are in different stages like:

    • ‘New Lead’
    • ‘Interested’
    • ‘In Contract Negotiations’
    • Closed
    • Follow up

    iovox pipeline

    To find out more about how to use iovox call tags, click here.

    Call NotesRealtors are always on the go and taking notes in a notebook, a laptop, or even on a phone can leave your business vulnerable to things falling through the cracks. With iovox, you can add notes to every call during the call as well as use the voice-to-text (transcriptions) feature to get your phone call or voice notes automatically converted into text which is then searchable later on.

    iovox add notes

    Notes takes within iovox get pushed directly to your CRM. No manual entry is required.

    Team CollaborationIovox is great for collaboration within teams in mid-size to large brokerages.

    Let’s use the example that you just finished a call with a client who agrees to visit one of your open houses.

    The next step is sharing the call information with your team and assigning tasks before the meeting.

    Instead of writing emails, why not share the call details directly through team collaboration in the iovox app?

    iovox helps you share call information and notes with your team members with just a few taps.

    iovox call sharing

    Within the iovox app you can even have a conversation about the notes of the original call – just like in Slack which is another amazing collaboration software for busy professionals.


    • Integrates with Zoho. Other CRMs can be custom integrated.
    • Has a desktop version, in addition to the FREE mobile app.
    • Most of the features within the app are free for it to be a useful tool for your business.

    Recommended For

    • Independent brokers and small brokerages – can be used as a standalone CRM
    • Mid-large brokerages – to be used alongside a regular real estate CRM software

    Platforms Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

    PricingThe iovox app is free. A premium version exists with several advanced features and custom integration upon request.

  4. Contactually

    Contactually website(source:

    Contactually is an intelligent CRM tool for Real Estate agents and brokers. Contactually’s features are excellent for building and improving client relationships.

    Contact and Lead ManagementIn the same 2013 study from Hubspot 11.3% of Real Estate Professionals cited the time it takes to properly set up a new system as one of the main reasons for not using one. Setting up a new system can take days and sometimes even weeks. Contactually helps speed up the process by automatically syncing your contacts and communication history from your email accounts.

    Contactually CRM(source:

    Contactually’s CRM software allows you to divide your contacts – past clients, prospects, or even colleagues into ‘buckets.

    Within Contactually, you can set a target for the number of times within any given month that you would like to reach out to your client.

    Relationship ManagementForgetting to make follow-up calls happens.

    Contactually track email(source:

    Fortunately, Contactually prompts you to connect with the right contacts at the right time.

    Their system helps you track emails, text messages, and phone calls – so you’ll always know how to continue the conversation.

    Customized MessagesNurturing leads is a vital part of the real estate sales process.

    Connecting with your clients regularly is important. However, keeping in contact with hundreds of leads and dozens of past clients (for referrals) isn’t an easy task, it’s time consuming. Additionally, writing effective emails might not be one of your or your agents’ strengths.

    Contactually connects you with market-proven content- ensuring that you are adding value with every interaction.

    Here’s an example of an email template that you can use and send to your past clients:

    Contactually personalization(source:

    You can personalize each message, with your clients’ name, pertinent information about them or the sale, any details that fit that project. You can search your tags, flags and notes from your FREE iovox app to help you fill these emails in with as many personal details as possible. Templates are editable to suit your brand’s voice and tone.


    • The bucket system helps organize all your contacts (Contact and Lead Management).
    • Gamified features make mundane processes like categorizing real estate leads more fun.
    • Excellent features for client follow up and nurturing relationships (Relationship Management).

    Recommended ForSmall to large residential real estate agencies and brokerages.

    Platforms Web, Android, and iOS.

    PricingPrice ranges from $59 – $399/month per user (when billed annually). Contactually offers a 15-day free trial period.

  5. Wise Agent

    Wise Agent website(source:

    If you are eager to scale up your business fast, automating certain processes like your marketing campaign, appointments and transactions is essential to rapid growth.

    Automation saves you and your team time, freeing up time for what’s important and in turn increasing productivity. Automation can also give your team clearer direction for acting independently without direct supervision. If you’re looking for these types of benefits, Wise Agent is a fantastic resource.

    In addition to Wise Agent’s real estate CRM features, this system also contains marketing features.

    Included are: a landing page builder, preset emails, automation, drip campaigns, and bulk messages.

    Landing Pages

    Contactually real estate landing page(source:

    Landing pages help catch leads even while you are asleep! When a prospect visits your real estate website, landing pages allow you to collect their information via forms.

    Wise Agent allows customization of the landing pages according to your company’s branding, design and copywriting guidelines.

    Lead AutomationThe first step for Lead Automation to begin working its magic for you is by setting up listings on Zillow, listings or ads on different social media platforms, within Google and so on.

    Your listings will connect to a landing page with a form that prospects fill out. Wise Agent enables the transfer of this information directly to your CRM tool, which gathers your leads.

    The CRM application pre-categorizes your contacts depending on their lead sources (buyer ads, seller ads, etc.) This helps you to organize your leads, so you can group them for your next email campaign.

    Make sure to say hello to your new leads! Every time you receive a lead, they automatically get added to your daily call list. Your call list contains the contact’s name, and the scheduled date of the call.

    Transaction Management SystemImprove your productivity with the real estate transaction management checklist.

    The transaction page lists tasks that need to be completed with due dates attached and keeps records of every transaction from the beginning to the end.


    • Valuable contact management features
    • 24-hour live support
    • Automatically links important events to your calendar

    Recommended ForSmall/medium residential real estate agencies and enterprises.

    PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

    Pricing$299/year for up to 5 team members. Wise Agent offers a 14-day free trial period.

  6. Follow Up Boss

    Follow Up Boss website(source:

    Increase your team’s productivity by using your CRM software as a managerial tool.

    Follow Up Boss helps you manage and optimize your team’s workflow with its functional tracking features.

    You can also manage your deals with the ‘Interactive deals pipeline’. Each pipeline includes stages which represent the lifetime of a deal from creation to close.

    Dragging and dropping your projects from one phase to another as they move through your sales funnel is simple and very user friendly. Check out the gif below…

    Follow Up Boss deal tracking(source:

    Sales Operations ManagementThe Activity Timeline helps you view your agent’s activity in REAL TIME.

    In Agent Reports you can see how many leads come from each source, how they are progressing as well as their conversion rate.

    Viewing sales activities in real time and receiving agent reports has many advantages, for example, it can enable you to accurately assign your high-value leads to your top performers.

    Follow Up Boss features(source:

    Comprehensive ReportsWith Comprehensive Reports you can understand the analytics behind your business. Statistics can help you address the areas that will have the biggest impact on your overall results.

    Follow Up Boss reporting(source:

    Some reports that the tool provides are:

    • Leads that slipped through the cracks
    • Lead follow-up reaction time
    • Number of follow up attempts
    • Number of conversations initiated

    Integrated TextingTexting clients from your personal phone isn’t always an ideal way to do business. Your inbox can become cluttered, making it difficult to distinguish between personal and business messages.

    By using Follow up Boss’s dedicated ‘Sales Inbox’ to send, reply or read messages directly on your desktop, all of your teams messages are tracked and logged for future reference keeping everyone organized and on top of their game.

    Follow Up Boss texting(source:


    • Useful lead management and distribution features
    • Dashboard makes it easy to track sales pipeline and success
    • Easily identify your highest performing agents with analytics tools (Sales Operation Management)

    Recommended ForSmall to medium residential real estate businesses (with a maximum of 25 members).

    PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

    PricingPrice ranges from $149 – $499/month for 3-25 users. Follow Up Boss offers a 14 day free trial period.

  7. IXACT Contact

    IXACT Contact website(source:

    If you’re on a limited budget, you might want to check out IXACT Contact. Like Wise Agent, IXACT Contact functions as a real estate CRM and marketing platform.

    IXACT Contact CRM software uses data analytics to help you make smart decisions to grow your business. Its sales pipeline visualization feature allows you to view comprehensive graphs and charts which you can add to your dashboard.

    IXACT Contact social media management(source:

    Rich Contact ProfilesBuilding relationships is not just about knowing a person’s name and a few details about them. IXACT Contact helps you create rich contact profiles of your leads and clients – including social media profile information and photos.

    IXACT Contact rich profiles(source:

    On top of photos and social media connections, you can store important details such as contact information, addresses, family members, birthdays/anniversaries, referral history, etc.

    These profiles store your previous communication history, which is helpful for lead follow-up.

    Real Estate WebsitesReal Estate is one of the most competitive industries. To stand out from the crowd, creating a solid brand identity is key.

    To do this, start by creating a professional real estate website.

    IXACT Contact has several website layouts that are customizable for your real estate business.

    IXACT Contact websites(source:

    Each mobile-friendly website includes smart lead capture forms for buyers, sellers and more. You also get text and email alerts as soon as a lead is captured online.

    The real estate websites layouts are optimized for search engines (SEO) – which means you will have higher visibility and click-through rates than your competitors’ sites.

    Concierge ServiceOnboarding your team onto a new CRM platform can be a time-consuming process. IXACT Contact’s customer support team helps to speed up the process by helping you set up the CRM system as well as implement its services quickly and effectively.

    IXACT Contact’s unique Concierge Setup Service can help:

    • Upload your contact lists
    • Create websites for your agents
    • Set up automated lead capture and nurturing
    • Create your monthly newsletter


    • Great customer service
    • Advanced features are easy to navigate (with instructional videos)
    • Admin account allows you to easily keep track of your employees’ progress

    Recommended ForCommercial and residential real estate agents as well as small brokerages (Separate versions are available for both.)

    PlatformsiOS, Windows and Mac.

    Pricing$33/month for a single user (when billed annually). IXACT Contact offers a 5-week free trial.

  8. ClientLook

    Client Look CRM website(source:

    ClientLook is a dedicated commercial real estate CRM.

    At the beginning of your day, ClientLook allows you to view all your leads and deals at a glance. You can track the projected value of your deals, closing dates, sales stage and more.

    All of the information is available after the deal has closed for future analysis.

    Client Look pipeline tracking(source:

    Property DatabaseGetting calls while you’re on the go is an everyday occurrence for Real estate agents. Having quick and easy access to data to help answer your client’s questions is paramount to leaving a great impression.

    ClientLook’s ‘Property Universe’ gives you access to property details from any device.

    Client Look app(source:

    Manually log in or import property data from any CRM. You can even ask their Virtual Assistant team to help you out.

    Update and Activities TrackerThe Update and Activities tracker gives you the ability to log the outcome of every meeting, call, property tour, etc.

    Client Look daily activities(source:

    ClientLook allows you to schedule your daily activities and relay them to contacts, deals, and properties helping to keep you on task and keep your day as efficient as possible.

    View important calls, meetings, lease expirations, etc. at a glance through the Activities Calendar.

    Client CollaborationClient Collaboration is a unique feature that gives your clients access to the deal room.

    Client Look deal room

    Within the deal room you can share offers, brochures, reports and more. Clients can view these in real-time, as well as the list of deals you have shared with them.

    This unique feature helps the seller be more transparent – gaining trust with clients in the process.


    • Dedicated Virtual Assistant service
    • Transparent client collaboration features

    Recommended ForCommercial real estate brokerages.

    PlatformsiOS, Windows, and Mac.

    Pricing$69/month per user (when billed annually). ClientLook offers a 21 day free trial. If you are a new broker, you can use the tool for free for six months!

  9. RealNex

    RealNex CRM(source:

    RealNex is an all-in-one CRM platform, transaction manager and marketing platform.

    RealNex CoreRealNex CRM is fully cloud-based. You can use it from any computer and operating system.

    Don’t worry ever again about manual re-entry of your contacts. Core’s import engine seamlessly transfers existing information from your old database, CRM, Outlook and Gmail accounts.

    RealNex mobile(source:

    Core MobileA noticeable difference in usability between RealNex and other CRM companion apps lies in the fact that RealNex’s mobile app features are as powerful as it’s desktop counterpart.

    The multitude of real estate tasks that agents need to juggle can become problematic when you are always on the move. With RealNex you can use the voice-to-text feature to dictate notes.

    The RealNex app geocodes your current location – so if you are listing properties, it will autocomplete common information, saving you time in the process.

    Access all your documents, notes and projects directly through the app.


    • Powerful import engine (RealNex Core)
    • Network and connect with Real Estate Professionals through the Marketplace feature
    • Built-in voice-to-text feature for mobile

    Recommended ForBrokerage firms as well as commercial real estate investors and leasing agents. In addition to CRM features, RealNex contains features that are useful to asset managers, and tenant representatives.

    PlatformsWindows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

    Pricing$99/month per user (when billed annually). They offer a 30-day free trial period.

  10. Apto

    Apto CRM website(source:

    Apto is a Commercial Real Estate CRM system custom-made by brokers. Use it to manage your contacts, properties, listings, and deals from anywhere and on any device.

    Apto’s Deal Board follows the Kanban method – used by Toyota’s manufacturing process to enable efficiency and continuous improvement.

    How does it work?

    Apto works by analyzing where deals are in the deal life cycle and guiding you to spend your time where it will be most efficiently used. Wasting time on low-value leads and deals that won’t close is a surefire recipe for a headache. Apto helps by prioritizing one deal over another.

    Apto Deal Board(source:

    Buyer’s Needs CardApto allows you to create a list of buyers that would be interested in your listings based on their previous acquisitions.

    Ask your clients for their acquisition needs and store them in the buyer’s need card. Once you create a new listing, filter through the database to find the ideal prospects.

    Apto prospects list(source:

    Contact RelationshipsBefore pitching to a client, background research is necessary. Ideally, when pitching to a client, insights about client’s needs, expectations and even procurement processes would be on hand.

    Aptos’ contact relationships feature proposes the ideal person to contact, informs you on the colleague(s) who have worked with the client in the past, and more. This information can help you connect with your clients and move forward flawlessly on a deal faster.

    Apto contact relationships(source:

    Listing Activity ReportWhen working on a deal, showing your progress at specific deal life stages can be critical to the outcome of the deal. Apto allows you to log all your activities for every deal. Browse through your listings and generate an activity report to share with your clients, aiding in transparency and strengthening the client/agent relationship. The activity report shows how you have been spending your time, it lists your calls, tracks comments and notes.


    • Buyer’s needs card makes it faster to find the right match
    • User interface is intuitive
    • Workflow helps manage your property deals

    Recommended ForCommercial real estate brokerages.

    PlatformsWindows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

    Pricing$129/month per user (when billed annually). Apto offers a demo on request.

  11. BoomTown

    BoomTown CRM website(source:

    BoomTown is a comprehensive tool, rich with helpful real estate CRM and marketing features.

    BoomTown has a unique predictive CRM that works by buyers first registering for personalized updates about properties in their area. Then the CRM browses through the buyers’ history, interests, price range and determines whether the lead is suitable for you.

    Lead MatchingWithout a CRM tool, you may be manually assigning leads to your real estate sales team members. This manual process takes time and may not be as effective as working with analytics.

    BoomTown’s flexible lead distribution system automatically shares leads to each of your team members individually.

    There’s also the pool option. Instead of assigning leads, you can enter them into a pool of leads. The first agent who responds gets the lead. This is a useful feature for motivating your team.

    BoomTown predictive CRM(source:

    Automated Follow-upsHow many follow-ups is the right number of follow-ups? According to Marketing Donut, 80% of sales takes approximately 5 follow-up emails.

    Instead of creating and manually sending a follow-up message each day, automate your emails with the Automated follow-up feature.

    How does it work?First, leads need to be broken down based on location, price range, etc. Second, create a follow-up template and schedule your automated emails and or text messages so you can nurture your real estate lead relationships from beginning to end.

    BoomTown predictive CRM leads(source:

    BoomTown predictive CRM schedule(source:

    Emails with personalized videos have high conversion rates. With a personal video you have the chance of getting 81% more responses than with regular emails. BoomTown’s CRM integrates with BombBomb, a video email service, so that you can easily send high-converting emails.

    The BoomTown CRM also integrates with Mojo Dialer (automated telephony system), so you can schedule regular follow-up calls.

    BoomTown predictive CRM integrations(source:


    • Track lead activity to understand which properties your lead might be interested in (luxury homes, commercial buildings, etc.).
    • The mobile app allows you to easily connect with your clients by phone and also acts as a to-do list.
    • If you are a buyer – keep track of ‘hot’ listings and receive prompt updates.

    Recommended ForSmall commercial and residential real estate businesses and individual agents.

    PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

    PricingPrice ranges from $750 to $1500/month for 3 to 10 agents. They do not offer a free trial period.

  12. Top Producer

    Top Producer CRM website(source:

    Top Producer is a popular CRM tool that helps real estate professionals manage client relationships and close deals.

    Top Producer allows you to act quickly on new leads through Lead Alerts that notify you through email or text message.

    After you contact your lead, you can schedule a follow-up through Top Producer for later to ensure regular contact.

    Top Producer sales pipeline(source:

    Mobile Sales PipelineSince most agents are always on the go, Top Producer allows you and your sales team to manage leads and clients with a mobile app.

    The moment a lead comes in, a countdown clock starts ticking – urging team members to act quickly.

    Top Producer mobile sales(source:

    After connecting with your leads, you can place them into categories such as ‘active’ – putting them into an automated follow-up plan.

    The Top Producer app is great for training new agents. The Follow-up coach gives important tips or ‘touch points’ that you can use to craft effective follow-up messages.

    Top Producer lead nurturing(source:

    Automated Lead NurturingTop Producer helps you keep in touch with long-term prospects as well as past clients.

    The best way to keep your prospects’ interest high is by providing value often. Educating your audience with branded newsletters containing current and specific market information is a proven way to nurture these important relationships.

    You can also create ‘action plans’ – personalized email templates that go out to the clients depending on the context(welcome emails etc.).

    Top Producer email templates(source:


    • The Note Stream feature allows you to create, view and edit notes and link them to contacts, activities and properties.
    • Highly comprehensive user guides and knowledge bank.
    • ‘Follow-up coach’ helps improve agent productivity by dispensing essential tips.

    Recommended ForSmall to medium real estate businesses.

    PlatformsiOS, Windows and Mac.

    Pricing$40/month for a single user (when billed annually). They offer a demo upon request.

Choosing a CRM system that’s right for you

These 12 CRM systems are some of the best that the market has to offer. They are using the newest accessible technology to automate where possible, increase transparency, efficiency and speed throughout the deal life cycle. We suggest determining your budget and then give a few of these systems a try through their free-trial options or demos upon request. See which one works best for you and start to free up time in your day so that you can become your most productive!

The iovox app works as a complementary tool with all of these CRM software systems, by helping capture and manage your phone call data between you, your team members, your prospects and clients.

Try the FREE mobile iovox app today.

Peter Banerjea

Peter Banerjea is a marketing advisor at iovox. The iovox call management app improves productivity of busy real estate professionals whose business revolves around phone calls. Peter helps companies acquire customers through organic traffic and build their online brands. His work has appeared in Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company and Huffpost.

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