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The “call to action” (CTA) button

Countless blogs have been written about how to best optimize conversions of CTA buttons. Whether the advice has been to use specific colors, words, shapes, sizes, and page placements, these pathways to engagement are both a science and an art.

What hasn’t been talked about until now, is the radical advancements in how CTA buttons can be configured to drive up both the quality and quantity of your conversions; made possible by a latest innovation from iovox.

Did you know that CTA buttons can be enabled with at least 4 different conversion options? It’s true. It’s new. And it can change your site visit engagement metrics in a radical way.

If you’re in the marketing field, odds are that your LinkedIn feed, Twitter feed, or your inbox, regularly sees statements like these.

For years smart people have studied the science of CTA buttons, but what’s the point of the CTA in the first place? Conversions.

Marketers need their site visitors to raise their hands and express interest by clicking that magical CTA button to “learn more”, “watch a demo”, “sign up”, “contact us” etc. After all, a lot of money may have been spent on ad campaigns or years of refining your SEO game for this single moment of truth.

Will the visitor to your site click or not?

Call to Action examples

We’ll leave the mechanics of color, placement, and words, to the people that study these behaviors for a living, and instead share our specialty, the latest technological innovations that can help your business get more from the CTA click.

Did you know that CTA buttons can be enabled with at least 4 different conversion options? It’s true. It’s new. And it can change your site visit engagement metrics in a radical way.

Let us tell you more about iovox WebConnect.

If you’ve been staying up to date with our latest innovations, we know what you’re thinking. Iovox WebConnect is just a phone call option for a CTA button, right?

Yes and No. WebConnect is much more complex than that and we’ll show you 4 ways to turn your outdated “contact us” CTA into a sophisticated conversion machine. It’s all about giving the power back to your website visitor by giving them the choice of how they’d prefer to engage with you.

Marketing has never been a one-size fits all approach, and now your CTA strategy doesn’t have to be either.

4 Ways to Improve Your “Contact Us” CTA Conversions

  1. Place a Call – Using the iovox WebConnect feature, make instant connections by allowing a phone call to be initiated directly from your site from any device with a browser. If you are selling high consideration purchase items (cars, houses, insurance, financial services, and many others), the phone call is often the last thing someone will do before making a purchase decision. Don’t let that CTA click go to waste. Give your site visitors the ability to connect immediately on their terms with a phone call.
  2. Request a Call Back – Often, visitors to your site may be short on time. They want to know more, and they want to speak with someone, but not right now. No problem. Using iovox’s WebCallBack feature as part of your CTA option, visitors to your site can pick the time they’d like to speak with someone and get a call from one of your best reps to close the deal. Putting the terms of engagement in the hands of your prospects goes a long way in earning their respect.
  3. Complete a Form Fill – Filling out a form is often the default option and what most web visitors expect to see when they click a “contact us” CTA button. You can easily include this among the options, but now instead of form fill being your *only* option, you are giving your customer the choice about how they’d like to interact with you. More choices. Better conversions.
  4. Send a Chat Message – Some people prefer not to talk on the phone, which makes the chat option the perfect alternative for instant engagement. With the iovox Chat API you can offer this as an option on your CTA button as well.

We know the concept of a menu of choices for a single click of a CTA button is new, but based on the amount of money spent on paid traffic and SEO, getting every conversion possible once someone is on your site is critical to your investment returns.

Giving your prospects the choice on how they’d like to engage with your company is a win-win. Prospects feel respected by having options, and you get better conversion rates from your existing site traffic.

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