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Here at iovox, our blog is home to many great customer stories, featured for their innovation and the positive results garnered from using call tracking solutions to solve a business problem. In this blog, we’re honoured to feature an interview with Vincent Bozonnet, COO at Logic-Immo. We hope you enjoy the finished product as much as we enjoyed the process of creating it with Vincent and his team. Thank you, Vincent!

Q: Vincent, tell us about your role and a little more about what solutions Logic-Immo provides for its clients.

A: I’m the COO of Concept Multimedia at Logic-Immo in France, and I manage a multi-disciplinary digital team. Our goal is to deliver in an optimal way all printed and digital products for our clients and commercial teams. As a company, we’ve been editing property magazines for 25 years and providing digital solutions for about 15 years aimed at real estate professionals, such as real estate agencies, promoters, and builders.

Q: How are the solutions created by your team used by your clients?

A: The solutions we create allow our clients to generate leads for people looking to buy or rent a property, for example. My teams goal is to publish ads on all of the platforms that the client wants, online or offline. We generally publish contact information on both platforms, so that the lead can get in contact with the right person at the real estate or marketing agency.

Q: Is this where call tracking from iovox comes into play?

A: Yes, we really had two main objectives when we started looking into call tracking solutions and contacted iovox.

  • Improve the rate of response of inbound inquiries by allowing clients to better follow up, for example in the case of missed calls, and
  • Demonstrate the value of our platform in terms of both quality and volume of leads provided.

More recently, we added a third element that was able to bring together the two technologies; click to call and call tracking. By combining them we were able to provide our clients with a full view of the voice activities on our platform.

Logic-Immo screenshot

Q: What led you to choose iovox?

A: We chose iovox’s solutions for a number of reasons, the first was the availability of their team, who are always there to support us on our projects with top level technology that can be integrated with an API. We are happy that iovox understood our vision and our business model and then helped us to properly apply the APIs in a way that met our business objectives and timetables.

Q: How did the implementation go?

A: The implementation went perfectly. We spread the project out over several months to allow us to transition from a different provider which turned out to be quite straightforward. I’m pleased to say we met our deadlines perfectly despite an aggressive schedule. We were thrilled that iovox helped us hit our deadlines.

Q: What benefits have you gained from iovox?

A: There are several that have had a big impact on our business. The API access allows a tremendous amount of customization and allows us to build our product to suit our needs. Raising the awareness of Logic-Immo, the quality of the work we produce, and the impact our work has on the growth of our clients was really important to us. We have also appreciated the innovation from team iovox and have recently expanded the call tracking projects to include ‘Click to Call’, a new functionality that allows web visitors the ability to reach someone instantly by phone.

At Logic-Immo our goal is help our customers grow their business through high quality media products and we deliver on that goal with help from call tracking solutions from iovox.

If you are a real estate professional (in France) and are looking for a high-quality provider of media services to promote your listings, be sure to check out our friends at Logic-Immo. For more information on iovox and to learn how we might help your business contact us today.

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