Fostering Trust Between Buyers and Sellers at Auto Trader UK

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At the heart of every customer interaction is an implied trust that the vendor providing the service will deliver as promised. This is particularly true when the stakes are high and the item being purchased is a vehicle. For Auto Trader UK, fostering this ‘protection and trust’ between buyer and seller is of paramount importance. Since so much of their business is conducted by phone, there’s no room for error.

What do you do when the UK’s largest and most visited auto brand knocks on your door with a challenge? You leap at the opportunity to help. You start small, deliver on your promises, and listen. By following this formula, iovox is helping Auto Trader UK deliver on their goal of ‘protection and trust’ in their marketplace.

Today, we’re thrilled to be unveiling a video success story which covers our journey with Auto Trader UK, the challenges they faced, and how by working together, we came up with solutions to address those challenges.

For Auto Trader UK, Tracking Calls Alone Wasn’t Enough

As you’ll hear in the video, call tracking was an important foundation of the solution used by Auto Trader UK, but they also recognized customers would often prefer to interact with SMS. And why not?

According to a Nielsen report, text messaging is the most used data service in the world. More than that, 4.2 billion people text worldwide with a 99.9% open rate. That’s a lot of messages flying across the airwaves. It’s no wonder why Auto Trader UK would want to incorporate SMS. But what about privacy?

People don’t always want to volunteer their mobile number out of fear of scammers or nuisance callers, so shielding sellers and protecting privacy was an essential requirement. iovox delivered both and today, Auto Trader UK traces more than 16% of their leads to this “channel” of SMS.

Implement. Measure. Insight. Action.

When your reputation hinges on every phone call and experience between buyers and sellers in your marketplace, you pay special attention to customer satisfaction and overall phone performance for your selling partners. Auto Trader UK is highly data driven and with the tools from iovox they can analyze in real-time what’s happening via their telephone channels, gain insights, and act immediately in responding to customer needs.

When you watch the video, or read the companion written case study, you’ll see that collaborative problem solving with customers is part of our iovox DNA. The highest praise we could receive from any customer is that they would recommend iovox to anyone. We are honored with this kind of endorsement from Auto Trader UK.

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