When a Whisper is All it Takes. How Call Tracking Reminds Dealers of Marketplace Value.

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Among the many industries iovox serves with call tracking, we consider global marketplaces a specialty. Whether for autos, homes, or general classifieds, our customers are as diverse as the products they sell. This week we’re honored to feature a Q&A interview with CEO Bertalan Halász of Hungary based JóAutók, an automotive marketplace.

Q: Bertalan, thank you for being willing to share some of your experiences. Please tell us a bit about the history of JóAutók and the unique aspects of your business.

A: JoAutok.hu was introduced one year ago as the first controlled used car listing site in Hungary. To understand the unique aspects of our business, first I have to provide a big picture about the Hungarian used car market. According to our estimates there are 3,000 dealers in the market, but only 1,000 are considered to work properly (have a fixed location, car fleet that does not have a manipulated tachometer, etc.) Buying a used car is really challenging for an average person. This is the reason why we decided to establish a used car market where all dealers are prechecked according to their professional- and corporate background plus their car fleet. We created a system where uploading documentation, (such as previous service inspections history) is required. We also introduced a five-star rating system to make a clear difference between the documented and non-documented cars. Establishing an online market place where dealers can only join if they meet the JóAutók requirements is a huge help for buyers to save time and money. We have worked hard to create a trustworthy place for buyers to shop, and sellers to offer, used cars.

Q: What were some of the challenges you were hoping to solve by using call tracking?

A: As a used car listing site, one of the important services we deliver to our car dealer partners is the call from a potential buyer. Proving to our clients that a call came from JóAutók is challenging. Especially as they are car dealers, and not data-driven IT experts. Many do not believe stats from independent third-party analytics platforms. They have historically been successful by relying on their gut instincts, and their own phone, which rings or doesn’t ring. We needed a solution that could convince our car dealers that JóAutók was the source of the new lead and it had to be something they could experience.

Q: What were some of the aspects of the iovox service that made you select our company?

A: As I mentioned, we needed a call experience for our dealers and the idea of being able to have the JóAutók brand whispered to them for every call that we drive to their business was a huge selling point for us. This would convince the car dealers that we were creating value for them without a doubt. All the analytics and graphs are nice to have too, but we needed something they could tangibly experience first and that’s what iovox did for us. The other feature we really like is the email alerts. Each time they answer or miss a call, they get an email so they have evidence that a call occurred in connection with the JóAutók marketplace.

Q: How do you use call-whispers from iovox?A: We use call-whispers to label all of the calls delivered by the JóAutók. At the beginning of every call, a whisper draws our partner’s attention “Call from JóAutók”, which generates more value and trust and helps differentiate where the call came from.

Q: How do your customers benefit from hearing your call-whisper?

A: With the implementation and establishment of the first controlled used car listing site in Hungary, JóAutók offers a unique service. The uploading of documents (previous service inspections, history etc.) is highly valued, so the potential car buyer has a whole picture about the car’s real condition. This is the reason why the average customer delivered by JóAutók is generally more valuable for dealers. They are more prepared, and according to a client’s feedback they are coming to them with an intent to buy, not browse. Hearing the JóAutók call whisper helps our car dealer clients prepare for the possible intelligent questions from informed potential buyers.

Q: How much value do your customers put into missed call alerts (dealers)?

A: After a missed call our partner is notified via email. It is important for them to know that a target buyer from JóAutók tried to reach them. Leads from JóAutók have more value than those of our competitors, so our car dealer partners know they need to follow up urgently with any call that we provide to them.

Q: What is the main benefit of using call tracking in your business?

A: Our journey into call tracking started with creating something that could be experienced by our dealers, not necessarily something on a chart which is why we started with call whispers and email alerts. These features have proven to be valuable for us. Now that our car dealers know the value of our service, we are now using statistics to help them better understand their business, where they may be missing calls and so on, which makes our service even more valuable to them.

Q: Bertalan, thank you for your time. Any final closing comments regarding iovox or other practices you’d recommend to other marketplace businesses?

A: The strategy of JóAutók is to provide reliable and trustworthy data to buyers of used cars and to make sure the dealers participating in our marketplace not only meet our standards, but also get high value from being part of our network. Using iovox helps our business not just making data driven decisions with the help of call tracking statistics, but these services help in the B2B communication with our dealers also. Through features like call whispers or email alerts, iovox gives us the ability to deliver daily reminders of the value we create for our dealers and the labeling all the deals delivered by JóAutók differentiate our deal delivering ability from the competitors: that is the value we gain from using iovox.

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