5 Common Call Transcription Use Cases (+ A Transcription Solution)

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Call transcription is the key to unlocking real-time insights that can elevate your business.

Call transcription tools take customer phone call recordings, turn them into written text, and deliver actionable insights that can improve quality assurance, customer relationships, agent conduct, and more.

Using speech data, transcripts fill in the gaps of missed information, help you spot customer trends, and assist you in adhering to compliance requirements.

In this article, we’ll look at the five common call transcription use cases and introduce you to an all-encompassing call transcription solution. We’ll also answer some FAQs related to call transcription.

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What is Call Transcription?

Call transcription (speech-to-text transcription or audio transcription) converts phone calls — whether VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or traditional telephone calls into written words (transcribed text).

It’s often done using transcription software that automates the process using AI, such as Automated Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, etc.

Automated transcription ensures that voice transcription can occur in real-time or immediately after the recorded phone call.

Here are some of the benefits that call transcription offers:

  • Makes it easy to search for specific data in call transcripts
  • Improves employee training in a call center or sales team
  • Betters customer service by keeping better records of queries
  • Improves accessibility for customers or team members who are hard of hearing

The fastest and most efficient method to benefit from real-time transcription and call analytics is to opt for a transcription service that uses conversational AI, like iovox Insights.

However, before we get into the best solution, let’s dig deeper into how audio transcription can be useful to your business.

5 Common Call Transcription Use Cases

Call transcription technology adapts to unique business needs across industries.

Here are some examples of the benefits of call transcription:

  1. Boost Training and Feedback Sessions

    Many businesses regularly use call transcription to assist with training and to create resources for their sales team. It’s also beneficial for new hires during the onboarding stage.

    Converting an audio file into a transcript means you can analyze keyword density and understand what keywords are successful (or not) at turning leads into customers and ensuring customer success.

    The best part?

    You can use the transcript to look for specific keywords of interest.

    For example, let’s say you want to identify telephone calls where customers are displeased for training purposes. All you need to do is scan the data for negative keywords.

    This is possible with platforms like iovox Insights.

    It uses Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) to record and transcribe the spoken words of contact center agents and customers.

    Using its keyword-spotting feature, you can automatically identify words in call conversations via a keyword rule.

    You can also add any word or a word combination you would like to track. That word or phrase will appear in your call details and dashboard once the keyword spotter spots it in a transcription.

    Additionally, sales call reps and customer-facing teams can use insights generated from transcripts to offer examples of effective agent-customer communication during the onboarding stages.

  2. Quality Assurance

    Recording calls for quality assurance purposes have been around for years.

    Unfortunately, manually reviewing an audio file takes time and effort to do thoroughly.

    Good news:

    Call transcription software can automate the quality assurance process.


    A review of text transcripts is far easier to analyze than listening to live calls or call recordings of customer interactions.

    But the key advantage of using such software is leveraging automated tools, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

    Machine learning (ML) and other automation tools can process large volumes of data and look for key phrases or words to measure the quality of interactions in seconds.

    For example, with conversational AI like iovox Insights, you can automate the transcription of call recordings between reps and customer callers. You can then conduct an analysis of the transcripts for quality assurance.

  3. Improve Team Collaboration and Communication

    In most organizations, a communication chain ensures that information is circulated from one sphere to another. This creates a centralized reference for teams or employees to use.

    For example, when a call center agent closes a sale, they must relay the customer's detailed requirements to the onboarding or customer success team. Usually, this process is time-consuming, partially done, or missing essential details.

    By recording and transcribing calls with iovox Insights, your team can share their conversations efficiently, improve workflows, and have a written record of the customer's requirements to refer to.

  4. Make Conversations Searchable

    Using a transcription service to turn audio files into written text, you can effectively search for and reference specific keywords and phrases automatically using AI or manually.

    This makes reporting to a supervisor or fellow team member about a sales call easier. It also lets team members easily access the information needed to follow up with a customer.

    Use iovox Insights recorded and transcribed phone calls to analyze as well as search past conversations. This can help you maintain and promote transparency within the company.

  5. Evidentiary Recordings for Legal Purposes

    Call recordings and transcripts accurately account for a conversation between two or more people. This may be presented in legal matters where an agreement is contested.

    But it’s essential first to check whether call recording and transcribing are legal in your state or country.

    It’s unlikely that you might have to provide legal evidence through audio transcriptions and recordings. However, just in case, call transcriptions can serve as evidence for compliance with various rules and regulations.

Ready to start using call transcription for your business?

The Best Call Transcription Solution: iovox Insights

By choosing a transcription tool powered by conversational AI like iovox Insights, your business has the potential to reach new heights.

It records and transcribes calls, as well as extracts essential customer conversation analytics from phone calls.

You can examine customer interactions from transcribed text and use these actionable insights to ensure development and quality assurance.

Here are a few exceptional things iovox Insights can do for your business using speech analytics:

  1. Make Customer Conversations Searchable

    Phone calls are now as searchable as emails and texts, thanks to call recording and voice transcription.

    Analyzing a transcript is invaluable for evaluating performance or when agents must follow a script on the phone with customers.

  2. Measure Performance Metrics to Boost Customer Experience

    You can also record your customer calls to track and spot KPIs.

    iovox Insights offers predictive analytics to forecast outcomes based on your preferred metrics and criteria.

    Just peek into the iovox dashboard for any actionable insight like:

    • Total interaction or talk time
    • Average calls per day
    • Your preferred keywords spotted in voice interactions

    Use these insights to monitor KPIs, helping you improve customer experience and agent performance.

  3. Track Calls with Keywords

    iovox’s conversation intelligence has a powerful keyword spotter feature that lets you feed the AI with specific phrases and keywords important to your business.

    Artificial Intelligence and speech recognition technology automatically recognizes the keywords and phrases from a transcript and tracks them.

    This can get you a sneak peek into keywords that:

    • Influence customer decisions
    • Boost customer satisfaction (CSAT)
    • Influence a sale
    • Establish mutual success
    • Forge a loyal and resourceful relationship with customers

    Additionally, iovox Insights can alert you about any customer conversation corresponding to your criteria based on what matters to your organization. This will help you rapidly generate excellent outcomes for your customer service and sales teams.

Ready to have some burning questions answered?

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2 FAQs About Call Transcription

Here are some answers to FAQs about call transcription:

  1. Should You Outsource Call Transcription?

    That depends.

    Outsourcing call transcription is a good idea if you have limited resources. Instead of asking your sales or marketing team to transcribe a recorded call, outsourcing this task to professionals can save you time and money.

    However, outsourcing almost always results in a drop in quality.

    Your best bet?

    Invest in dedicated call analytics and transcription tool that can automate most transcription activities. This way, you’re not spreading your team too thin while maintaining transcription accuracy by keeping things in-house.

  2. Speech Analytics vs. Text Analytics: What’s the Difference?

    Speech analytics (interaction analytics) is a technology that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to draw meaning from audio recordings.

    It then examines the speech data collected from spoken words for business intelligence.

    If you run a business that tackles customer calls, such as a call center or a contact center, use speech analytics to ensure transcription accuracy and discover valuable insight.

    Conversely, text analytics combines several methods to process unstructured text or text without a predefined format, like:

    • Machine learning
    • Sentiment analysis (insight into customer sentiment)
    • Named entity recognition
    • Statistical purposes
    • And linguistics

    If you’re still curious, check out our article about Speech vs Text Analytics.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of call transcription use cases that can hold great value for your organization.

Uncovering insights hidden in your customer call transcriptions can improve training resources and team communications, ensure quality assurance, and make conversations searchable.

Start today with an AI-powered call transcription software like iovox Insights.

Start using iovox Insights today to turn audio and conference call recordings into written texts that ensure transcript accuracy!

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