Can Phone Calls Make You a Better Marketer?

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How many times have you received an email from a company that you don’t remember having any interaction with? It’s possible you didn’t realize when you bought something you were also giving permission to be contacted by email. Maybe you opted-in to an email list a few months ago but had forgotten. Or perhaps you were added to an email list without your consent.

Cold Outreach Isn’t Always Profitable

Receiving the occasional unwanted email might not seem like the end of the world, but for marketers trying to communicate with prospective customers it presents a huge challenge. Fundamentally, if a consumer hasn’t opted-in to receive marketing communications you are not allowed to make contact (by email, phone, or any other method). Businesses buying or using data to contact prospects need to know the provenance of the data and when the consumer opted-in. With data from an unknown source not only is there risk of poor performance, there is also the potential for much worse such as fines for breaking anti-spam rules.

For many businesses this makes email marketing and other outbound strategies too risky to undertake. There is a simple solution available to all marketers: focus on calls as well as data and leads. The humble phone call immediately gets around many of these “data issues”. To place a phone call, the consumer has given their opt-in to be contacted; they are actively giving their consent by picking up the phone and placing a call. There is no ambiguity unlike many traditional data collection methods.

One Call Away from Better Conversions

With call tracking software, marketers also now have a full audit trail available. Each call can be time stamped and tracked back to the number used by the consumer to make the call. You can even record and store the call recordings for extra peace of mind.

Consumers themselves are becoming more wary of sharing their personal information are becoming more reluctant to do so. For businesses trying to capture prospective customers, this could pose a problem if the only thing being done is to place a lead gen form in front of people when they come to your website. Placing a unique trackable number on a landing page however allows you to generate inquiries for prospects that aren’t prepared to give up personal information just to receive a call back. As well as overriding privacy concerns, there is also an abundance of evidence that show calls convert better than leads.

While data capture is an important part of any marketer’s toolkit, placing greater emphasis on call marketing has a number of benefits and should be considered by any business conducting transacts over the phone.

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