iovox Dedicated Numbers

Drive 100% attribution of inbound calls with Dedicated Numbers from iovox

Use iovox Dedicated Numbers to generate leads, reinforce your value proposition, and track calls by source.

Monetize Your Traffic

iovox Dedicated Numbers are a must have tool for reinforcing value, generating leads, and delivering new opportunities to marketplaces and directories.

Be Global...Look Local

iovox Dedicated Numbers are incredibly useful when going international and wanting to establish a local presence. Get local numbers from around the world and publish them on your site or listings.

Highlight Your Brand

Put your brand front and center on every call and remind your customers how essential you are to their business with powerful iovox Call Rules and Whispers.

How it works

Place iovox Dedicated Numbers on your listings manually, or integrate with the iovox API for maximum automation and efficiency. Once set up, calls to your numbers forward wherever you need them to go. Whether for business or personal use, you are in complete control of the call routing of your iovox Dedicated Numbers.

Who can benefit from Dedicated Numbers?

Dedicated Numbers are widely used by individuals, small businesses, classified ad publishers, directories and marketplaces such as real estate and automotive. Iovox Dedicated Numbers capture call status, channel, call length, and caller ID, and are suitable for any company wishing to monetize calls or measure marketing performance and ROI.

In the Real World... Buyers Make Phone Calls. Capture Every Opportunity.

When converting leads into phone calls, there’s no better tool than iovox Dedicated Numbers. When revenue is tied to what happens on the phone, you need a vendor that is responsive, supportive, and that cares as much about your business as you do. A leader in providing solutions to large, global brands, we are effective at delivering solutions for our customers.

Missed Call Alerts

Prompt follow up is critical, and in many industries it is the difference between landing a deal or not. Missed Call Alerts from iovox send SMS or email notifications every time an important call is missed. Keep your visibility high and your leads engaged with your brand instead of with the competition.

Call Whispers

Call Whispers help when someone receives a call, they hear a short, pre-recorded message...for example, “This is a call from Jeff’s marketplace.” before hearing the caller’s voice. This recorded whisper takes only seconds but leaves a lasting impression that your marketplace is delivering on its promise of leads.

Generate leads and monetize your traffic, anywhere in the world.

Find out if iovox Dedicated Numbers are right for your business.
Connect with our friendly experts for a free consultation today!

There's much more to iovox than Dedicated Numbers

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