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It’s an honor for us to share a customer success story of how one of France’s leading auto marketers is using iovox call tracking solutions to demonstrate the value of their platform while providing transparent data to its customers.

We were fortunate to get some time in the busy schedule of Jerome Debray, Head of Project and, and hope you enjoy this success story from Ouest-France.

Q: Hi Jerome, thanks for speaking with us today. Please tell us a bit about your business and your role in the company.

Within Additi Media, we oversee the automotive market, particularly the and brands and websites. We facilitate the sales of vehicles from our professional customers to our online users.

As Head of Project at and, my duties include management of the websites, both on a technical and marketing level, and it is part of my responsibility to make sure our websites are contributing the maximum possible to the business and that our users have a great experience on our platform.

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Q: What challenges did you encounter that led you to iovox and what were your initial goals?

Our business model is based on performance, so we must be able to demonstrate our value to our clients on a regular basis. For an important purchase like a car, buyers prefer to speak to someone by phone. Since our customers only pay for real contacts, we need to be able to prove, based on metrics, that the calls they are receiving are valid and, as a result, able to be billed by us. To do this, we needed a solution that would allow us to make such an assessment in order to provide fair and transparent billing to our customers.

Q: What made you choose iovox?

We were looking for a company that could meet our current needs with a reliable technical solution, that had excellent support, and that was innovating with future services that could potentially fit the strategy and goals we have for our platform and brands. We found that iovox met all those criteria and as a result we’ve had a partnership with them since 2012.

Q: What benefits have you gained from implementing iovox solutions?

The products we used first were the iovox Dedicated Numbers which, when combined with the analytics tools of the iovox platform, enabled us to put in place the ‘pay per lead’ solution that we were looking for. In addition, the transparency and objectivity of the call data made it perfectly clear for our customers to understand the value we bring them.

iovox WebConnectiovox WebConnect

Another new innovative solution from iovox is WebConnect. The WebConnect solution allows us to put call buttons strategically across our sites, and when we heard about it, we wanted to try it immediately. The reason we were so eager to try WebConnect is that it provides us with even more data on the calls being made, specifically answering the question of knowing precisely which vehicle web visitor were looking at when they made the call, among many other positive data points.

Thanks to the iovox WebConnect solution, we are now able to gain more visibility on the vehicles purchased, such as the average price, the most sought-after brand, the year of the most popular vehicles sold, and so on. The testing we’ve done with WebConnect has allowed us to obtain more data to better understand our online users and the overall market.

We’re happy to be partners with iovox and looking forward to expanding our use of the WebConnect features to other sectors of our business in the coming months.

Thank you very much for your time, Jerome.

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