8 Smart Strategies to Boost Life Insurance Sales

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Insurance agents have tons of avenues to increase life insurance sales.

There’s up-selling and cross-selling, referral programs, paid ad campaigns...the list goes on.

These sales strategies help life insurers connect with the right people and attract high-quality leads who are genuinely interested in purchasing their products.

Want to know more?

This article will show you how to increase effective life insurance sales with eight effective techniques.

We’ll also talk about how conversational AI tools can boost life insurance sales and introduce you to a powerful conversational AI solution that will help you generate high-quality leads.

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8 Effective Ways to Generate Quality Leads and Increase Life Insurance Sales

A good lead generation strategy can help you supercharge your insurance sales process and achieve higher conversion rates.

However, the effectiveness of these lead-generation strategies depends on your sales approach and expertise in the life insurance industry.

Let’s look at a few ways that can help you get started.

  1. Identify and Understand Your Target Market

    A good understanding of your customer’s demographics, interests, and behavior can help you create tailored messages for your target audience.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • Where is your ideal customer located?
    • What kind of information is your prospect looking for?
    • Why are they purchasing your life insurance product?
    • What are their pain points?

    Once you understand what your target customer wants, you can customize your messages as per their interests to get better engagement.


    For example, MetLife uses data analytics in customer research to identify and segment its target audience based on age, employment type, financial capacity, country of residence, etc.

    These segments help them focus on their ideal customer type, offer suitable options, and ultimately increase insurance sales.

  2. Build Relations Within Your Community

    One of the most effective ways to build a network within your community is by organizing or attending events that align with your industry and services.

    You can use these events to:

    • Establish your presence in the insurance industry.
    • Meet your prospects and other insurance agents.
    • Share your industry knowledge.

    New York Life

    For example, New York Life Insurance Company organizes charitable events and fundraisers to support causes like educational enhancement and childhood bereavement through their New York Life Foundation.

    They have funded various philanthropic initiatives and created an online grief resource that provides families, educators, and community members with articles, expert tips, personal stories, and local resources.

  3. While face-to-face networking can help you find new customers, you can’t ignore the power of social media.


    The extensive reach of social platforms can help an insurance carrier connect with a broader audience and engage with prospective clients.

    For instance, you can use LinkedIn to connect with professionals and business owners looking for group insurance for their teams.

    Use these platforms to connect with decision-makers who have the final say in the insurance policy their business selects.

    Once you know who to contact:

    • Invite them to talk to you on the phone or via video chat.
    • Send them any additional information about your life insurance product.
    • Ask relevant questions that help you to understand their requirements.

    You can also create a Facebook page for your insurance company to promote your services on social media, share client reviews, or run paid ad campaigns to ensure better reach.

    Prudential Financial

    For example, Prudential Financial used interactive Linkedin Polls to market their Prudential Retirement plan and reach out to participants.

    Over seven weeks, 11,000+ LinkedIn members from finance, human resources, and operations responded to the poll. The survey also garnered over 230 comments, which helped them acquire more leads.

  4. Sign-up on Online Directories and Listing Sites

    Online directories help spread the word about your insurance company.

    They display your insurance agency profile alongside price comparisons from other insurance companies, reviews, and ratings. This is why directories can be a great source of leads for your insurance business.

    An accurate and compelling profile on listing sites can improve visibility and make it easier for a potential client to reach out for more information.

    While you have to pay a fee to access most listing sites and online directories, some pages like Google My Business, Facebook Business Pages, and Yelp offer free listings.

  5. Leverage Cold Calls and Emails

    Cold calls and emails are direct and proactive techniques to reach potential customers.

    A well-executed cold call and email strategy lets you connect with potential customers on a personal level, get instant feedback, and increase policy sales.

    You can use targeted scripts and personalized email templates that add a personal touch to your follow-up messages, calls, or emails.


    For example, InsurTech Insurance uses cold calling to maximize its reach and acquire new customers that its marketing is otherwise unable to reach.

  6. Start Blogging

    Blogging allows you to generate leads by providing relevant and informative content to your prospects or existing customers.

    Publish content on industry-relevant topics to:

    • Address common customer questions and concerns (for example, a blog on the difference between term life insurance and permanent life insurance).
    • Offer valuable insights and solutions.
    • Establish yourself as a trustworthy expert in the insurance industry.

    What’s more?

    Blogs can boost your SEO and content marketing efforts making it easier for potential customers to discover your agency's website through organic search.

    You can sharpen your blog’s focus with comprehensive keyword targeting to attract the most relevant audiences to your blog.

    Mass Mutual

    For example, MassMutual Insurance maintains an active and informative insurance policy blog on its website that covers topics like death benefit, travel insurance, disability insurance, etc.

    Through valuable and educational content marketing, MassMutual attracts potential customers and has established itself as a credible source of information for its customer base.

  7. Foster Partnerships with Industry Professionals

    If you partner with professionals who serve a similar clientele as you, it can help your agency acquire high-quality leads and boost insurance sales.


    These partnerships allow you to connect with potential customers who already trust and rely on your partners for advice and services.

    As life insurance agents, you can set up lead-sharing relationships with:

    • Healthcare providers
    • Diagnostic centers
    • Digital health start-ups, etc.

    You can also ask them to refer your life insurance company to their current clients so that you can generate leads through valuable referrals.


    For example, Allstate Benefits partnered with the American Cancer Society to provide cancer support and share tools and resources with cancer patients and their loved ones.

  8. Benefit from Technological Advancements

    AI-driven technology like chatbots, live chat, and conversational AI tools can drive insurance sales by automating your sales process and routine tasks.

    As a result, they’re able to:

    • Enhance customer service with instant, personalized responses.
    • Identify leads by asking relevant questions and gathering essential information.
    • Manage leads effectively to ensure no potential client is lost.

    These tools offer 24/7 assistance to potential and existing customers in different time zones and allow agents to prioritize essential tasks like answering complex customer queries.

    An agency selling life insurance can use conversational AI to measure customer experience and identify keywords that increase customer satisfaction.

    For example, with AI, an insurance agent can automate call recordings, use trigger alerts to prioritize hot leads and get insights about where the caller is in the customer journey. 

There’s no doubt that embracing technological advancements like conversational AI, chatbots, and live assistants can be a game-changer for any life insurance agent in lead generation.

Let’s look at a few ways it can help your insurance business.

How Can Conversational AI Tools Increase Life Insurance Sales?

Conversational AI technology can allow insurance agents to:

  1. Conversational AI tools can help you spot opportunities and trends through real-time data analysis.

    It can identify trends and patterns in customer behavior regarding their likes, dislikes, search patterns, etc.

    By gaining insights into customer preferences and pain points, you can tailor your approach and content to meet the customers' needs and optimize your lead generation strategies.

    As a result, your agent can:

    • Identify qualified leads based on user behavior.
    • Automate routine tasks to focus on converting promising prospects.
    • Monitor market trends and competitor activities.
  2. Boost Agent Productivity by Automating Mundane Tasks

    Conversational AI tools optimize agent workflows and empower your insurance sales agent to be more productive by:

    • Automating various tasks throughout the customer journey.
    • Reducing agent workload to allow agents to focus on complex tasks such as handling policy renewals.
    • Gathering essential client information to help identify qualified leads.
    • Allowing agents to prioritize high-potential leads and engage with them more effectively.

    Moreover, you integrate these AI-powered tools seamlessly with your customer relationship management (CRM) systems to ensure your lead data is well-organized.

  3. Offer Self-Service Options and 24/7 Customer Assistance

    Conversational AI offers self-service options to customers that can guide them through various processes like making a premium payment or checking their claim status without human help.

    This means you needn’t employ a human agent to provide customer service after office hours while selling insurance.

    Additionally, with 24/7 assistance, customers can get information on different insurance policies, life insurance coverage options, etc., at any time, even outside regular business hours. This empowers them to avail of your services anytime, anywhere.

Ready to leverage conversational AI tools and boost your life insurance sales?

We have just the solution for you.

Skyrocket Your Life Insurance Sales with iovox

iovox seamlessly integrates advanced call tracking and conversational AI to help you spot trends and identify new opportunities. 

With iovox, you can improve lead qualification, build brand value, and expand your insurance business globally.

You can also use iovox Insights, a conversational AI solution, to transcribe calls and extract keywords from customer interactions to get deeper insights about your customers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Generates Qualified Leads

    iovox offers several valuable call tracking features like Dedicated and Dynamic Numbers and WebConnect that can improve lead generation.

    • With iovox Dedicated Numbers, you can capture call status, channel, call length, and caller ID, which helps you monetize calls and measure insurance marketing performance.
    • Similarly, iovox Dynamic Numbers assigns each visitor a unique dynamic number allowing you to track interactions and customer journeys.
    • You can also use the iovox WebConnect feature to let qualified leads initiate phone calls from your website using any device.

    Abeille Assurances

    For instance, using iovox insights, Abeille Assurance increased their number of qualified leads by 20% and observed a 20% cost reduction.

  2. Discover Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities

    iovox Insights uses advanced speech recognition and analytics to identify keywords, trends, and communication patterns to understand client preferences better. 

    Its data-driven approach lets you understand your customers' interests and allows you to up-sell and cross-sell to them.

    For instance, if a customer calls your insurance agent to discuss their life insurance coverage, iovox can detect keywords related to any additional insurance needs they may have, such as home or auto insurance.

    This insight allows your insurance agent to cross-sell relevant products that align with the customer's needs or upsell higher-end products like special packages.

Analyze Agent Performance

iovox Insights can help you identify problems in call quality and offer real-time coaching to your agent.

Whether you work in an agency or are an independent insurance agent, with iovox, you can:

  • Get trigger alerts if an insurance agent does not follow the call scripts or if essential phrases are missing from calls.
  • Train and coach your insurance agents to improve continuously.
  • Reduce average call handle time.

This enhances the efficiency and productivity of your life insurance agents while significantly improving the customer experience.

Final Thoughts

Despite how critical it is, life insurance isn’t the most straightforward product to sell.

Even years of experience selling life insurance may not help if your insurance business is up against intense competition and strict industry rules.

Luckily, iovox Insights can help you generate qualified leads, better understand your customer’s requirements, and train your staff to provide quality solutions for customer queries.

To discover more about iovox Insights, click the iovox WebConnect call button on this page, and let’s connect.

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