How is the New TapClicks/iovox Integration Adding Value for Marketers?

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At iovox, we like to partner with smart companies that are focused on reducing complexity and helping customers make money. TapClicks is one of those partners. This blog covers how customers win with improved marketing workflows and boosts in efficiency, through the integration of iovox call tracking and the TapClicks marketing operations platform.

Founded in 2009, TapClicks is a leader in reducing complexity in marketing operations. More than 5,000 media companies, publishers, and agencies use TapClicks’ platform, to simplify marketing operations, saving both time and money.

TapClicks helps marketing clients by providing a consolidated dashboard of multiple data sources which eliminates the need to log into multiple platforms. This allows for both a holistic and comparative view across all media channels without the need to spend the resources to integrate a marketing tech stack. TapClicks has partnered and integrated with key partners like iovox to integrate and streamline data to their clients.

Just the kind of data driven and forward-thinking partner we love here at iovox!

A Decade of Tap

As most of our blog readers know, iovox is a global provider of call tracking services, but we like to consider ourselves as offering far more than ordinary call tracking. Described as “Lego bricks” by our CTO, Mark Carbonaro, the iovox API platform consists of modules that fasten together to create a solution for specific business problems. Not every piece is required for each use case and the platform is highly flexible for customers wishing to integrate certain communications functionalities into their own workflows, which is where the iovox and TapClicks stories converge.

iovox API

The best way to understand some of the value being created by integrating TapClicks and iovox call tracking, is through a fictional example of a real world use case, the problem the agency was looking to solve and how they solved it using the TapClicks/iovox integration.

The Story of Spartan Global Partners

Spartan Global Partners is a worldwide ad agency with clients in auto, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and financial services to name a few.

At SGP, the cycle time from a client approving a project to ad deployment was taking far too long for Nicole and her team. Spartan has an extensive array of tools in their marketing arsenal, but these tools don’t always integrate cleanly and were often a source of frustration particularly when the team is on tight deadlines, which is often.
call tracking module
Nicole heard of TapClicks and once the SGP team saw the demo, they realized they wouldn’t have to change their marketing stack but could finally have a more simplified interface to create, deploy, manage and evaluate ad performance for their clients.

Nicole was excited to use the platform and one of her first opportunities came quickly. After an 8-month RFP process, SGP won a prestigious bid for a global brand in the financial services industry. The deal was complex. Multiple languages, multiple countries, a host of privacy and data protection compliance issues, and stakeholders all around the globe. The campaign goal was phone call conversions, leading to appointments for phone-based consultations.

Nicole knew that TapClicks had a call tracking module from iovox. After integrating iovox, when Nicole’s operations team started to deploy the test campaign, all they had to do was select the country and type of number they wanted from the TapClicks platform, and the number was then automatically assigned to the ad as part of the standard workflow. The client wanted basic tracking so they could compare conversion rates by channel and country.

The new TapClicks implementation made it simple to turn up new countries as the campaign rolled out and to reallocate funds from lower performing ad campaigns.

Nicole and her team were very impressed with the simplicity of the call tracking option from iovox and the transparency of campaign and keyword performance that she and her team could see through the TapClicks dashboard, locally, regionally and internationally.

Nicole knew that call tracking wasn’t a requirement for every client, but for those that needed it, she was confident SGP could easily deliver a great experience now that iovox was integrated with TapClicks.

All the Data. One Dashboard.

The value of the iovox integration with TapClicks is the ability for customers to see all their relevant data in one location, which greatly simplifies administration, saving both time and money, not to mention improving decision making.

TapClicks screenshot

Particularly for agencies that might have a single client with multiple locations, the ability to see data in the aggregate view but also down to an individual location, significantly enhances the ability to manage performance, optimize campaigns and provide follow up coaching where needed based on call outcomes.

As Tim Gomoll, CRO for iovox says,

Tim Gomoll

“Customers of ours that use TapClicks, see the value in incorporating iovox call data into the TapClicks dashboards to share with their clients across multiple locations. Using TapClicks, customers can see marketing ROI for all channels, and they are excited to have both a location and enterprise view of their data. This concept improves efficiency considerably for busy agencies.”

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