6 Powerful Apps To Help You Work Smarter From Home

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Are you new to working from home, or have you been here before? Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, we’ve got 6 powerful apps to help you work smarter from home.

As more and more companies around the globe make the switch from commuting to telecommuting, it’s becoming more important than ever to have the right tools to help you run your business from home – regardless if you are a team of one or one hundred.

With companies like Twitter telling staff they can work from home ‘forever’, this is one post COVID-19 trend that is here to stay.

Generally, working from home has been proven to increase productivity with remote workers procrastinating less per day than people working in traditional offices. Yet, it is still all about having the right tools to be able to work smarter from wherever you find yourself, whether that be at home, on the road, or any place you find yourself in that is not the traditional office setting.

So, in order to make working from home work best for you, here are 6 powerful apps you can integrate into your day-to-day to help you work smarter:

  1. For automation: IFTTT


    If This Then That (IFTTT) has been around for a while, and is a powerful tool to help you get more done with the services you use every day. For email, SMS, cloud services or basic data sync, IFTTT is here to help you knock out your repetitive tasks, and make more time for your most impactful work. You can use IFTTT to sync all your contacts, keep track of hours in a calendar, let you know when your pizza is on the way, and automate all kinds of reminders. It is highly customizable with Applets that connect to just about anything and everything to support both your professional and personal life.

    IFTTT is available on Android, iOS and Web.

  2. For learning: Coursera


    It’s always a great idea to learn new skills or enhance current ones. This is where Coursera comes in and offers fantastic online courses. Learn something new today to make you more valuable in your current role or give your business a new unique advantage.

    There has never been a better time to learn something new from the comfort of your home, why not start learning a new skill today?

    Coursera is available on Android, iOS and Web, offering both free and paid content on countless topics like marketing, lead generation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  3. For time tracking: Toggl


    Whether you are looking to track your productivity, or get a hold of your distractions, Toggle is a simple time tracker to help you log your tasks on and offline, across mobile and web. Once you start getting into the habit of logging your tasks and tracking the time you spend on them, it’s not only easier to invoice clients but it’s also easier to recognize which tasks take up your time, which task take up too much time and optimize your approach so you can get more done. This free time tracker also provides a data export tool that shows you how you spend your time in beautiful color-coded and easy to digest reports.

    Toggl is available on Android, iOS and Web. They even have a Chrome extension and more.

  4. For password management: 1Password


    How annoying is seeing ‘wrong password’ when you are trying to get your work done? Or trying to reset your password and then seeing, ‘your new password can’t be your old password?’

    Stop losing valuable time resetting your passwords every time you try to use a tool or log into an online service. Use 1Password to keep track of all your passwords and keep your accounts and data secure.

    1Password is available on Android, iOS and Web so you can go ahead and forget your passwords, just make sure you sign up first.

  5. For call management: iovox


    Iovox offers many free tools to help you stay connected and keep your business running from home or anywhere in the world. If you share the responsibility of answering phone calls for your business, iovox’s newest feature offers a mobile virtual call center to help you manage communications and mitigate costs.

    Iovox helps you keep track of all your calls, and even sync call details into your CRM. Connect iovox with Zoho’s CRM, and you won’t remember what life was like before this powerful integration. There is a web app for the iovox service which includes the ability to purchase and track virtual numbers from all over the world.

    Give it a try and sign up here.

  6. For video sharing: Loom


    Ever wanted to show someone something from your screen or walk them through a project? For that, there’s Loom and I know what you’re thinking… “but what about Zoom?”. The great thing about Loom, is that you can screen record and share whenever is convenient for you, so you don’t need to wait for someone to be available, coordinate and schedule a meeting and waste valuable time going back and forth. Just record, share and your done. They can watch (and re-watch) whenever is convenient for them, and even send you a video back with questions. Loom is a secret weapon for remote collaboration and communication.

    Please note that Loom for iOS is only compatible with iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 12.1 or above.

    Good news for Android users, Loom has plans to develop their product for Android and it should be ready sometime in 2020.

So, which apps are you going to try first? We think 2020 is the year to share information about how we can all start working smarter. We hope these apps will save you valuable time, and help you be more productive and reach your business and personal goals this year.

Please let us know which app is your favorite and how you are using it to work smarter from home. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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