The Power of Zoho One: What We Learned at Zoholics

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Zoho may not command as many headlines as its larger rivals, but as we learned from their passionate customers and partners last week in Texas, Zoho is on a roll. For those who were unable to join, here’s a brief recap from team iovox.

Some of the headlines from Zoholics 2018:

  • The Zoho One all-in-one business solution is unrivaled in the value-price matrix. Zoho One contains everything you need to run your entire business, from web site builders and lead generation to payroll and CRM, for $35/month.
  • AI and voice input is real and being integrated into everything.
  • The phone call represents 87% of customer interactions and should be a primary consideration when building and optimizing a CRM workflow.
  • Zoho is culturally unique in the SaaS industry. It is bootstrap funded, 21 years old, has 5,000+ employees and a long view on everything from product to people. Truly impressive.

The Power of Zoho One is Limitless If you are not already on Zoho One, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. For only $1 per employee per day ($35/month), you really can’t find a better bang for your buck on the market.


With new apps being added to Zoho One on a regular basis, the product offers a suite of applications that helps you manage your whole business from lead generation and customer support (marketing, sales and CRM) through to operations (finance, recruiting and HR). All these 40+ applications have been built to communicate together, saving you the hassle of technical integration. From SMBs to enterprises, Zoho allows you to get up and running with a world-class business operating system within weeks.

Use a CRM that works for you (and not the other way around)Everyone knows the importance of a CRM, but implementing it can be complicated and cumbersome. The Zoholics event was a showcase for the customization of workflows and services that tie everything together such as:

  • SalesIQ. Track and engage website visitors through a real time live chat. All session information collected is linked to the lead form and accessible in CRM for easy tracking.
  • Workflow rules. Zoho CRM’s workflow automation will finish routine tasks for you and let you know the next step for successful customer acquisition and retention.
  • Zoho Reports. Some sales funnel leaks are easily identifiable, while others may go unnoticed and take a while to discover. Zoho Reports helps by actioning your CRM data with insightful dashboards and data visualizations, so you can improve your sales process.
  • Zia, AI applied to sales. Zoho has smartly incorporated AI into their platform and when combined with voice input (think Alexa for CRM) you’ve got a powerful, intuitive platform for efficiency and ease of use.

The Voice-First Economy is HereBrent Leary brought his wisdom on the topic of voice input with some mind-blowing statistics on adoption. Yes, we are already living in a voice-first economy and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

The growth of Amazon’s Echo, and Alexa’s skill set has nearly tripled in just the past six months. If your brand doesn’t have plans to take advantage of this and integrate your products and services with voice, it’s time to get planning.

Highlighting this growth, comScore estimates that in just two years, 50% of all searches will be voice originated. Amazon Echo and Google Home are booming. Alexa’s skills are skyrocketing. People are growing accustomed to voice as an input mechanism with more the 72% of people incorporating voice into their daily lives and 41% saying talking to Alexa is like “talking to a friend”.

Phone Interactions Still Matter in CRMIn a world where we’re texting, emailing, and using social media, it’s easy to forget about the phone as a tool for voice communications. Not so fast. According to an extensive customer survey by Zoho, 87% of customer interactions still happen over the phone. That’s a lot of touchpoints.

Here’s the challenge. Most companies are “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) businesses. If 87% of interactions with your customer occur by phone, how many of those customer interactions occur ‘off the grid’ where you have no visibility because it’s not easily tied into CRM?

Well, that’s where iovox comes in. Among the many benefits of our new service, is the ability to instantly, and accurately insert call details and notes into Zoho CRM immediately after a call with the touch of a button.

If you are always on-the-go, attending tradeshows, conferences and connecting with customers all around the world from your mobile phone, then you’ll want to listen closely. We all know how annoying it is to hear our boss yelling at you for not keeping the CRM up-to-date. Luckily for you, iovox makes it easy to increase your productivity, be more efficient with your time and keep your boss happy.

Connect to your Zoho CRM account by simply entering your Zoho username and password inside the free iovox mobile app. No need for a complicated technical integration and no impact on your customized set up and workflows. You can learn more about our integration here.

Zoho Culture – “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”We can’t finish this recap on Zoholics without some commentary on the core of what drives the Zoho business; their culture.

There are many things to be impressed about when it comes to Zoho, but among them is the sincerity and authenticity of the executive team and the people you interact with daily. At conferences like Zoholics, most CEOs will swoop in, do their talk, and quickly exit on to “more important things”. Not so for Zoho’s founder and CEO, Sridhar Vembu or his management team who were easily accessible from start to finish, interacting with customers and partners and making sure anyone who wanted to reach them could.

As a case study in growth at scale, Zoho has managed to preserve their entrepreneurial culture despite their growth; learning from failures and persisting in innovation. When it comes to staffing, Zoho takes prides in finding hidden gems of talent in places where others aren’t looking. Zoho has wisely invested in building its own training ground for engineering talent and has hired over 1,100 engineers in the last year. Currently more than 500 of their 3,500 member engineering team have no college degree. Zoho’s values for authenticity, hard work and a commitment to learning override academic pedigree, which is refreshing to see in a highly valuable, fast growing SaaS business. These core values are also shared by iovox.

Zoho is currently ramping up their event calendar and holding events all over the globe to help customers, prospective customers, and developers, learn more about the Zoho ecosystem. If you’re interested in learning more about Zoho and their events, you can visit this site.

As always, whether you are a Zoho customer or not, iovox is here to help you with a range of phone call analytics, productivity and workflow tools. Our mobile solutions can benefit anyone looking to be more efficient and productive with the added benefit of the integration with Zoho CRM.

The new service from iovox has everything you need to help you make better business decisions today! Give it a try and sign up here.


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