SEAT: A Call Tracking Success Story

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As our blog readers know, we periodically like to feature customer success stories. This week, we’re pleased to feature SEAT, a brand of the Volkswagen Group. Read on to learn how a successful brand like SEAT uses the data provided by our call tracking services to make informed decisions about how to provide the best service possible to their clients.

Background on SEAT

From Spain’s first family car manufacturer to one of the most design-driven automakers worldwide, SEAT has been innovating in automobiles for more than 60-years.

According to Dr. Francisco Javier García Sanz, Chairman of SEAT, the Spanish automotive industry is undergoing an important period of acceleration with SEAT representing 1% of the national GDP. SEAT is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe and the eighth largest in the world with an extensive network of high-quality suppliers and dealers.

 Dr. Javier Garcia Sanz
Dr. Francisco Javier García Sanz, Chairman of SEAT

“We must continue to improve competitiveness and drive the sector forward so that it can become one of the catalysts for the shift of Spain’s production model towards digitalisation. What is the key to bringing all this about? We have no doubt about it: investing in R&D and big industry plans that drive both Spain’s industry and its economy in general.”

The Challenge

To support these ambitious objectives, enhancing the customer experience and creating new demand for SEAT autos, whether new or used, their team approached iovox to inquire about its ability to set up telephone channel monitoring tools to meet two specific needs; 1) to quantitatively demonstrate the website’s contribution to dealership traffic in France, and 2) facilitate the relationship between individuals and sellers during private sales.

The Solution

The call tracking tools made available by iovox and deployed on SEAT sites make it possible to measure the call volumes from the various requests made via the “dealer locator” by replacing the dealership number with a geographical tracked number. The call tracking tools also make it possible to link each test request to the brand’s CRM in real time by distributing dynamic numbers on the SEAT Private Sale site.

Missed call alerts are transmitted via SMS to both callers and called parties making it easier to process requests, and in doing so, optimizing customer satisfaction. Technically, the integration is done via a simple javascript tag to be placed on the pages of the site concerned. The replacement of existing numbers by tracked numbers is automatic.

Brice Renvoizé
Brice Renvoizé,Digital & Experience Manager, SEAT

“Automobile brands have a crucial need to stand out for the speed and quality of their contact with the distributor. The transition from digital to point-of-sale is a difficult step that we have overcome thanks to iovox’s tools: the visitor can call the right sales representative directly from the website, while being integrated into a broader lead management process. Not only do we have call statistics, but we can also include it in a lead nurturing scheme thanks to the perfect match between iovox and our existing tools.” – Brice Renvoizé, Digital & Experience manager, SEAT

The Results

Thanks to the implementation of call tracking at key locations in the customer journey, SEAT now obtains precise, reliable and actionable data on the intentions of its Internet users including a breakdown of calls that were answered, missed, the reactivity of its sales teams when receiving a lead, and the performance of its lead generation channels among other things. Equipping all dealers has resulted in thousands of highly qualified calls per month. The quality of these calls and related data outputs give SEAT a well-informed view into the customer experience and the journey to picking up the keys to a new SEAT.

If your business involves the telephone, take it from leaders like SEAT, and let iovox design a solution that helps you grow your business and improve the experience customers have with your brand.

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