SMS Flow

A SMS Flow is built out of a set of Rules. These Rules are the actions taken when a SMS arrives on the iovox platform. The SMS Flow is attached to a Link, just like a Call Flow. We only allow attaching of SMS Flows to Links with Mobile VoxNumbers attached.


The SMS Flow element contains all the individual SMS Rules. See below for the SMS Rules.

<smsFlow name="Example SMS Flow" notes="This is an example SMS Flow.">
    <!-- Rules -->

SMS Flow Attributes

Name Description
name The SMS Flow name. This is used as a reference through the API and the Enterprise portal. The SMS Flow name should be unique
notes A description of what this SMS Flow does


The SMS Rules are the building blocks of the SMS Flows. They are actions taken during the SMS Flows.

General Structure

<[SMS Rule] id="1" label="Label">
    <!-- Rules -->
</[SMS Rule]>

SMS Rule Attributes

Name Description
id The unique identifier of the SMS Rule. This needs to be unique inside of the SMS Flow. This attribute is used to reference the SMS Rule through the API, for example when attaching the SMS Flow to a Link
label The value which is displayed in the Analytics section of the Enterprise portal

Available SMS Rules

SMS Rule Description
sendSms Forward the SMS to a Contact in your account
httpRequest Send information about the SMS to a given URL as a HTTP Request using POST or GET