Request Method: PUT Description: Updates a Call Flow. URL:

The following parameters can be sent in the querystring

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueData TypeMandatory
vAPI version to use

After updating a Call Flow, we apply this new Call Flow to all the links which had the previous version. We match the Variable Values on the Rule ID.

For example: If you have a Call Flow with two Call Rules, and update it to a Call Flow with three Call Rules, we will be able to only match 2 of the Call Rules of the previous version to the new version.

Or the other way around from three Call Rules to two Call Rules: We decide which Call Rules to match according to the Rule ID.

Request Example


The following XML payload must be sent with a updateCallFlow request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <callFlow name="Call Agent" newName="Call Agent + Whisper Called" notes="Will Call the agent, can be used for every agent in my account.">
        <call id="call_1" label="Call" destinationPhoneNumber="?" destinationContactId="?" record="true" sendCallAlert="NONE">
                <soundFile soundLabel="Lead brought by IOVOX"/>

Please refer to the Callflow XML documentation for the element details.


Node NameDescriptionDefault ValueData TypeMandatory
callFlowThe Call Flow you want to create.
callFlow > nameThe identifier of the original Call Flow.
callFlow > newNameThe new Name for this Call Flow
callFlow > notesNotes for your Call Flow.


Error Result

HTTP CodeError StringResolution
400API Version EmptyAdd a value for the v parameter in the query string
400API Version InvalidCorrect v parameter
400Request Method must be PUT. x attemptedSwitch request method x to PUT
400XML EmptyAdd xml to the request body
400XML parse error. x at line y, column zCorrect XML at point x on line y, column z
400Request EmptyAdd one Call Flow to the request
400There are no Rules in this TemplateAdd at least one Call Flow Rule to the Call Flow
400CallFlow Name does not existChange the name of the Call Flow
400New CallFlow Name already existsChange the new Call Flow name
400New CallFlow Name too longShorten the name of the Call Flow
500Internal Server ErrorRetry later

Please refer to the Callflow XML documentation for the part.

Success Result

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content