Request Method: GET

Description: Will return a list of all Call Flows


The following parameters can be sent in the querystring

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueData TypeMandatory
vAPI version to use
pageThe page number to return. Use together with limit to achieve paginated results1INTEGERNO
limitDetermines how many results to return. Use together with page to achieve paginated results. Maximum here is 2000020000INTEGERNO
orderDetermines which field to order the output result by. Use a field name from the req_fields list and suffix with ASC or DESC for ascending or descending respectively. For example, "c_DESC" will return results ordered by created with the most recent firstc_DESCSTRINGNO
req_fieldsComma separated list of abbreviated fields to return in response.tna=template_name, tno=template_notes, tt=template_type, c=created, a=advancedtna,tno,tt,c,aSTRINGNO
template_nameReturns the Call Flow under the given Call Flow title
template_typeSpecifying DEFAULT returns only default Call Flows, CUSTOM returns only those created by the account holder or ALL returns all Call FlowsALLSTRINGNO
advancedSpecify YES to return only advanced templates
outputSpecifying XML or JSON returns data in XML or JSON format XMLSTRINGNO


Error Result

HTTP CodeError StringResolution
400API Version EmptyAdd a value for the v parameter in the query string
400API Version InvalidCorrect v parameter
400Request Method must be GET. x attemptedSwitch request method x to GET
400Page Number not an integerRemove non-numerics from page
400Limit not an integerRemove non-numerics from limit
400Limit must be between 1 and 20000Correct the limit parameter
400Template Type InvalidCorrect template_type parameter
400Advanced InvalidCorrect advanced parameter
400Required Fields Invalid: fieldone,fieldtwoCorrect or remove fieldone and fieldtwo
400Order Field InvalidCheck the allowed abbreviation fields in the documentation
400Order Direction InvalidCorrect the direction in the order.
400Output Type InvalidCorrect output parameter
500Internal Server ErrorRetry later

Success Result

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
             <template_name>My Company IVR</template_name>
             <template_notes>A simple IVR with press 1 for sales or 2 for technical support</template_notes>
             <created>2010-01-01 15:16:49</created>