• Request Method: GET
  • Description: Retrieves details of a Call Flow
  • URL: https://api.iovox.com:444/CallFlow?v=3&method=getCallFlow

The following parameters can be sent in the querystring

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueData TypeMandatory
vAPI version to use
call_flowThe Call Flow title you want to retrieve the details from


Error Result

HTTP CodeError StringResolution
400API Version EmptyAdd a value for the v parameter in the query string
400API Version InvalidCorrect v parameter
400Request Method must be GET. x attemptedSwitch request method x to GET
400Call Flow Doesn't existCorrect Call Flow parameter
500Internal Server ErrorRetry later

Success Result

Please refer to the Callflow XML documentation for the element details.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <callFlow name="Call Agent" notes="Will Call the agent, can be used for every agent in my account.">
        <call id="call_1" label="Call" destinationPhoneNumber="?" destinationContactId="?" record="true" sendCallAlert="NONE"></call>