• Request Method: DELETE
  • Description: Deletes the specified Call Flow Templates
  • URL: https://api.iovox.com/CallFlow?v=3&method=deleteCallFlows&call_flows=Call%20Agents|IVR 

The following parameters can be sent in the querystring

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueData TypeMandatory
vAPI version to use
call_flowsA pipe delimited list of all Call Flows to be deleted
detach_from_linksDetaches the Call Flow from links. If FALSE, only Call Flows not attached to links can be deleted.FALSEBOOLEANNO

Please refer to the Callflow XML documentation for the element details.


Error Result

HTTP CodeError StringResolution
400API Version EmptyAdd a value for the v parameter in the query string
400API Version InvalidCorrect v parameter
400Request Method must be DELETE. x attemptedSwitch request method x to DELETE
400call_flows EmptyAdd one or more call_flows to the request
400Call Flow x of y does not existCorrect Call Flow x (item) of y (total) to a Call Flow that exists
400Call Flow x of y is attached to a LinkFirst detach Call Flow x (item) of y (total) from Links before deleting it, or use the parameter "detach_from_links" set to TRUE
500Internal Server ErrorRetry later

Success Result

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content